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Finding answers to my life’s questions on a trip to Cabo

Brenda and Diana in Cabo Sur

My friend Diana invited us down to their home in Cabo


I’d be embarrassed beyond belief to share with you all the things I’d hoped would happen as a result of taking eight days off to travel with my sweetie to Cabo San Lucas, staying with our friends Diana and John who have pooled their creativity, smarts, and resources into creating a beautiful home on the Sea of Cortez. Did I mention they offer the experience of five-star hospitality to their house guests? It was sure to be a great time but I had even bigger expectations.

Alright, alright, I’ll share. As a result of taking this trip I wanted to come back home with a beeline focus on worthy projects, the determination to ax time sapping activities after figuring out which ones those are, and of course, rejuvenation after these last weeks of fires and health issues, chaos and concern. Add in sleeping late, reading (I brought three books), writing, and chronicling beauty. Oh, and to learn some cooking tricks from Diana. I suspected a week might not be enough to accomplish all of that but you know me, I’m optimistic and ready to take on a challenge.

I marvel at my naiveté. Really, what was I thinking? I did learn something muy importante this morning while standing in my kitchen in Sonoma. I’ll let you in on that stupendous realization, but let me share some highlights first.

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