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How wardrobe charts can save you from not having anything to wear

three bracelets ready to be in outfits on

Pulling out three bracelets that haven’t been worn recently may spark your creativity when it seems lacking


I’m betwixt and between everything. My house doesn’t know what it wants to do since all the holiday decorations got put away. The happy-happy, fun-fun-fun decorations are hibernating. The house looks like it’s in a holding pattern. I trust inspiration will hit and I’ll rearrange and restyle every table top with zeal … someday.

I’m feeling a little unsure about my style, too. Is this still me? I ask. Or am I going through a style evolution that isn’t clearly defined yet? I feel like I am close to falling in a rut, wearing some of the same things day after day without variations.

And it never stops raining. (I’m not complaining.) (Okay, I’m complaining a little bit.) Weather is a big influence on building outfits. Gray skies, fog when it’s not raining and then more gray skies and pouring down rain isn’t very colorful and I fear it’s dampened my creativity.

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