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16 In Women Now

A Conversation on Aging with friends and new friends

A Conversation on Aging with Chara Schreyer and yours truly

A Conversation on Aging with Chara Schreyer who hosted the event and yours truly who planned it


One thing I learned last weekend when a project I planned, A Conversation on Aging, came to fruition is that women are hungry to talk about this subject. There was a hint of that hunger several weeks back when a client, Chara Schreyer, and I were working together in her closet. I was creating outfits when she brought up something about aging. It’s a ripe topic for me.

I said, “I’m thinking of having a gathering of women to talk about aging. If I do, would you like to come?”

She said, “Yes! Let’s make it a luncheon. Pick a date and a place. I’ll invite people, you invite people. Plan it all out and I’ll pay for it.”

Done! Well, not a snap-of-a-finger done; it did take a bit to figure out how to facilitate an event like this. This idea of creating a forum to discuss aging had been on mind for months. Now I had to make it happen.

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