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10 In Styling Tips

Bay Area Jean Jacket Styling Tips

Jean jacket styling
Jean jacket weather lives on

The rains came and they’re coming again. There’s a chill in the fresh air and that means one thing: It’s a great day for jean jacket styling!

You may be wearing a jean jacket today. If it’s hotter than blazes in your area, a jean jacket keeps you from freezing when the A/C is cranked up indoors. A jean jacket may be packed in your suitcase for upcoming travel; one with inside pockets is one of my favorite traveling companions.

Speaking of traveling, every guide book to the Bay Area should be speaking about bringing layers, but if yours doesn’t, take it from me: You’ll need layers all summer long if you travel to San Francisco, and a jean jacket could be one of those layers.

A jean jacket is a go-to layer

The hardest thing to learn—and I’ve been living in the Bay Area for 37 years now—is to think layers, especially May through October. If you open the trunk of my car right now, you’d find a minimum of a cape and a big pashmina scarf. And the reason that’s all you’ll find there is that I still find it hard to believe that it can be hot in Sonoma and by the time I get to San Francisco it’s dropped 15 or 20 degrees, the fog has rolled in, and I need to add multiple layers. There should be a warm coat in my trunk as well!

Mark Twain was credited with this line: The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

Believe it!

Jean jackets for function and style

Jean jacket layering

Jean jackets are the perfect neutral. They can go over or under anything. In this recent outfit, I wore a polka dot silk blouse with my fringed Eileen Fisher ivory jeans from last year. I added my golden AGL sandals and felt so classically chic. I love adding a jean jacket to my Eileen Fisher ivory jeans from last year. I added the jean jacket and achieved a level of casualness or friendliness that suits me well.

The pearlized blond leather Per Se coat was the perfect add-on. The coat came off and on all afternoon as I adjusted for the weather fluctuation.

Jean jacket styling in Mill Valley

Jean jacket styling

I’ve cautioned you that San Francisco can get cold and foggy. Residents often flee the city to find warmth in the summer. But let me explain something about the weather on the other side of the bridge.

When you cross the Golden Gate Bridge heading north into Marin County, the first town you come to is Sausalito. Right next to it is Mill Valley to the west and Tiburon to the east. Hang a left into Mill Valley and go to the center of town, which is where I’m sitting in that red railway car. That spot right there could be VERY chilly.

For one of my clients who lives in Mill Valley, we have a whole separate section in her summer wardrobe binder called Mill Valley Outfits. Every one of those outfits is layered for warmth.

In this next photo, across the street from the red railway car, I’m much more comfortable adding my blond Per Se leather coat over the jean jacket again.

I might also want to add my peachy-colored pashmina around my neck. And this is the beauty of layering. Yes, it could warm up in Mill Valley; it happens. If it does, I can start taking layers off. I’d start with the scarf that would be around my neck, and then I’d remove the leather jacket. I’d be okay with the jean jacket but if need be, I can remove that too and still be dressed well.

Jean jacket styling in San Anselmo

Jean jacket outfit in San Anselmo

Here’s a jean jacket outfit in San Anselmo. San Anselmo is west off of Highway 101 North, a few more miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, and it can get really warm there. You won’t get fog there. This picture was taken at about 6:30 pm on a Friday. Russ and I had been working on a project that you’ll hear more about soon (think She Shed) and we decided to go to dinner on San Anselmo Avenue instead of fighting Friday night traffic to Sonoma.

This shirt I’m wearing is very thin. While working on that project earlier in the afternoon, the jean jacket was off and the shirt sleeves were rolled up. The little scarf was probably off as well. But when we went to dinner I added both things and was glad I had them because the restaurant was chilly.

Styling with jean jacket

I’m getting questions about styling for heat in other parts of the country and a jean jacket as thick as this one wouldn’t work for that. When I do need a thinner layer, I still go for the jean jacket style only in lightweight linen. I’m not there yet, but I’ll show you styled dresses and summer outfits using lighter layers soon. But if you’re coming to the Bay Area this summer for a visit, you know what to do!

Are you a fan of jean jackets? Do you travel with them? Tell us all about it!