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23 In Shopping Tips/ Style

Anatomy of a Transformation: Girlfriend Shopping at Chico’s


Chico's girlfriend shopping


My friend Marj and I were having lunch on Sunday. We got to talking about style for wise, wonderful ladies in the vicinity of “our” age. Marj expressed her dismay with clothes that are in stores these days. “How’s a woman to dress when the choices aren’t out there?” she said.

Marj was on a roll. I pulled out my notebook and started taking notes.

Style notes

Taking notes on style concerns for women over 60


You weren’t able to read my notes? Let me translate.

Marj’s concerns:

What do I want to wear?

How do I want to feel?

Nothing excites me anymore.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to look like anymore.

It’s difficult.

What are the basic clothes for me anymore?

You’ve probably had questions like that yourself.

You have to know Marj loves clothes and I love Marj. I wanted to give her words of wisdom that might make her feel better. But what were those words? I decided not to address her exactly but to share with her some of the things I do with my clients to modernize their wardrobes. I started jotting ideas down as we drank our coffees. Here’s what was on my list.

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