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5 In Getting Dressed/ Series

Anatomy of an Outfit with a Jacket I Tried to Get Rid Of

Some pieces need a second look on

My gray jacket returns to me and finally works its way into an outfit I love


Have you seen that app that people use on Instagram pictures called Boomerang? It takes a short clip you’ve recorded and makes your image go forward and then come back again. Well, I have a story to tell you about my boomerang 100% cotton, lightweight gray jacket. It went away nearly a year ago to a consignment store because I decided … I don’t know what I decided! Because I’m actually having a What Was I Thinking? moment right now. Did I think it didn’t fit properly? Was I deciding that it didn’t suit my lifestyle? Did I think I didn’t have the right bottoms for it?

I must have been thinking one of those things because I dropped it off at SAX consignment store in San Anselmo last year and thought someone would snap it up, get some wear out of it, and I’d get some money in my pocket. Except, a couple of months later, it still hadn’t sold and it came back to me. The return happened toward the end of the summer season. I ended up packing it away with my other summer clothes once I transitioned my wardrobe into fall. I decided I’d deal with it the following year.

And here we are, the following year, and I’m facing it once again.

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