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4 In Getting Dressed/ Women Now

A fit solution for my wanna be Catholic blouse

Wearing art with religious symbols on

Feeling Catholic in my lace blouse and my Scared Heart pendant


Last year I was moved to wear blouses. Not sweaters, not T-shirts, but blouses: pretty blouses, blouses with ties, gathers, tucks or lace.

I first spotted this navy sheer lace blouse with dotted swiss in the window at Ann Taylor. It looked Prada to me. Or maybe it looked Italian. Or could it be that it was speaking Catholic to me? I lusted for it, but I kept on walking.


Confessing my Catholic Envy

I could imagine going to confession wearing this lace blouse. If being a non-Catholic wasn’t a roadblock, the first thing I’d confess would be my envy for all things Catholic.

My best friend in high school was Catholic. She’d go to church at the Cathedral of St. Mary in Fargo. Incense was burned; Latin was spoken; there were pews that had kneeling benches; you could go to mass every single day; you got to eat fish sticks on Friday. (Love fish sticks!) It was all so exotic!

Pontoppidan Lutheran Church where I went? Not exotic.


Talking lacy tops and Catholic Church on

Inside the Saints Peter and Paul Church in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood last month


And there was so much MORE to love about Catholics.

  1. They had school uniforms!
  2. They wore tartan plaid every day…LOVE!
  3. They wore saddle oxfords.
  4. They wore ties at the neck of their crisp white shirts…LOVE!

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