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Women Now: Anatomy of a 35 mph day

BK at SAX consignment store

Trying on glasses at SAX


Who knew that screwing up an appointment date with a client would lead to the most magnificent 35 mph day? Remember when I talked a few weeks back about slowing down to the speed of life? I talked about a time in my life when I was forced to slow down and how now in my 60s I’m considering the merits of that speed.

Back when I had my 35 mph inspiration, it was an absolutely necessary thing; I couldn’t do the things I used to be able to do because of health reasons. Now I’m looking at it as a want-to-do thing, wanting to slow down.

But wanting and doing are two different things as anybody knows who has wanted to lose weight but didn’t.

But I got to experience a 35 mph when a happy mistake fell in my lap.

What happened is I looked at my appointment book and read the name of the client I was seeing the next day. Wait a minute, I thought, didn’t we change that date? When I checked with my client, I was right about getting it wrong. She was in LA with her Dad and we’d rescheduled only I’d forgotten to erase her name from my Thursday calendar.

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