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7 In Women Now

Women Now: Finding the giggle and the fashion in a paramedic experience

Debra in Mugettes store

Having fun with Debra in Muguette Renee Boutique in Napa


One married couple and one sort of married couple visit Muguette Renee at her charming Paris-inspired brick and mortar store at 1409 Second Street in Napa, CA in June. After the initial enthusiastic reunion (they all know each other) the guys patiently stroll about the girly shop and chat with each other. It doesn’t take long before the store fills up with giggles, like high-school-girl giggling. Like pee-in-the-pants type giggling. What’s got them busted up, wiping tears, and snorting? Personal recollections of what flashed through the minds of each grown woman when paramedics showed up at the house. Young. Handsome. Congenial. Strong paramedics. Like finalists in the Mr. Paramedic Pageant; those kind of paramedics.

I was there. I’ll tell you all about it!

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