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12 In Anatomy of an Outfit

Building an outfit with multiple shades of green

Our closets hold countless ingredients for creating outfits that make us feel like a million bucks. It’s like magic when you bring one or more new things into the closet. The older pieces perk up and can’t wait to play dress-up with the new pals.

This Anatomy of an Outfit is all about what happened when I introduced two pieces to my closet: a new (purchased online) red rock Pendelton merino wool washable t-shirt and a pea soup green lightweight jacket by Haberdashery, purchased used at SAX Consignment Store in San Anselmo.

The day I approached the red wool t-shirt, it demanded to be worn with the pea soup jacket that came into the closet at the very same time. Who could blame it? Red understands that it will look most dynamic with the color opposite it on the color wheel, which is green.

Red loves green

“Cool,” I said and went along.

A t-shirt and a jacket needs a bottom

I reached for my Kut from the Kloth embroidered jeans. No special reason other than I love them and this was a day when they fit me just right. That’s not always the case. I expected the embroidery would be covered up by the jean and didn’t plan to consider that decoration in the making of this outfit.

Gold bangles. Gold would look so great with the red. Rich and yummy. Yes, I’d planned on wearing several gold bangles together to accompany my heart necklace. But over the loudspeaker in my closet came a single demand: GREEN.

Going for the green in my accessories

Right, green. Okay. I went into my bangle wire baskets, passed the gold bangles I’d planned to wear, and pulled out a cuff and a wide bangle. The blue-green bakelite cuff was purchased last spring at the Petaluma Antique Faire and really hadn’t gotten much wear, even though I love it so.

Mixing shades of green in the same outfit

The wider, more elliptically-shaped bangle was ready to come out of retirement. It could easily have been years since I wore it last. I’ve never edited it from my jewelry stash even though it gets so little play now.

I’m happy I held on to it!

My left wrist is thrilled about wearing two green cuffs. My eyes are delighted because I’ll get to look down at them all day, see them there, and smile with pleasure.

What about my feet? As luck would have it, I have an army green pair of flat Chelsea boots. I will admit to you I don’t wear them often, but when I do I feel so cool. They’re my Beatle boots. I can see myself following behind George, John, Paul, and Ringo on Abbey Lane in the UK. Remember that album cover? Couldn’t you see me in that crosswalk following George?

Adding a mixed media scarf

Do you know how you can have something for a long time and not really appreciate its riches? That’s what happened at that moment. I knew I’d love adding this scarf to my red wool t-shirt because the rich colors blend well with it. I looked closely at all the colors in this arty felted scarf. It’s got a lovely dusty blue shade in it, plus a harvest gold-pea green color.

Accessories in shades of green for a jean outfit

All that shimmery orangy-rust color that comes through is actually a silk fabric. Somehow the artist layered this very thin, felted wool-blend mix over silk. I have no idea how it sticks together.

This scarf, gifted to me by a friend, is so easy to wear and to wear it often. It isn’t bulky. There’s warmth, but no bulk.

Pleasure points dressing

Remember the pleasure points dressing method? It’s about counting up all the ways an outfit brings you pleasure. This outfit receives pleasure points for the following:

*A favorite jean fits and it doesn’t always.

*I get to enjoy these two green bangles playing together for the first time.

*My Lanvin flat Chelsea boots make me feel cool while thinking of the Beatles (Let it be, let it be).

*This pea-green jacket is such a yes for me. Look at those big pockets. Oh, joy! And it also has matching pea-green grosgrain trim up by the neck. I heart grosgrain like you wouldn’t believe.

*The handbag I’m wearing was a gift from my friend, Debra. It definitely joins in with those greeny accessory friends. It’s an olive khaki color, a little hard to see in the photo.

*And my scarf. This scarf that I’m so appreciating up close and was given to me by another friend.

Heck, there’s pleasure radiating from all over this outfit.

Just when I think there couldn’t be any more pleasure to add to this outfit, there’s the occasion it’s being worn for.

Taking my red and green outfit on a special date

Celebrating our anniversary in shades of green

Every year Russ and I go to the Boonfly Cafe for brunch to celebrate the anniversary of when we met. It’s been 18 years since that momentous day when we met at a party and I wouldn’t talk to him. To have this wonderful partner standing next to me is such a blessing. I got lucky in love at the end of my forties.

A great outfit, a great day to remember, a great life together here in the Wine Country.

Your turn

Do you have some colors in your closet that want to be worn? Are they calling for your attention? That request from them to you may not be coming from a loudspeaker; maybe it’s a little tiny whisper in your ear.

If that were so, what color or colors are speaking to you? Give them a voice and let them share here!