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13 In Anatomy of an Outfit/ Getting Dressed

Wearing three pieces of denim in one outfit is my new record


I’m going to credit two exciting ladies sitting at the bar at the Girl and the Fig Friday night for inspiring today’s outfit post where I’m wearing triple denim; yes, three pieces of denim at once. Count them: a denim jacket over a denim dress (which could be a jumper or if I wanted to unbutton it, a tunic) and a pair of Chico’s So Slimming Boyfriend jeans rolled up. Fashion daredevils have combined two pieces of denim before, but triple denim? I’ve never seen it!

You say, “Brenda, how do you even come up with stuff like this?” Well, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to try this denim feat without a lively, spontaneous conversation with two perfect strangers over drinks.

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