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13 In Shopping Tips/ Wardrobe Wellness

Sneakers are the new ballet flats and you need a pair!

Sneakers look modern

Sneakers at play


When the sneaker trend arrived, I wasn’t so sure about it’s role in the shoe wardrobe of a 55 or older person. Was this another trend for the young people? I remember a year or two ago when I got my first sixty-year-old client into a white sneaker for summer. It seemed so out there for her “under the radar” style but I saw the look in her eye when she tried them on. She looked down at her feet there on the floor of the Nordstrom shoe department in Corte Madera and she was smitten.

That slip-on white sneaker of hers changed her wardrobe and changed her life, as God is my witness. She had a bounce in her step that wasn’t there when she wore her ballet flats. In her ballet flats she looked cautious and quiet and under the radar. In her white sneakers she was more sassy, unpredictable (in a good way), vibrant, youthful, and modern. She never looked stodgy, but by comparison, this new style of footwear was so uplifting. Imagine looking refreshed like getting a face lift, or coming back from luxurious month in Paris, or having the best sex in your life. Well, that’s the glow she wore in these shoes!

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