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20 In Anatomy of an Outfit/ Women Now

Anatomy of a friendship and Pattirica’s red patterned outfit

Patricia in Perham

Patricia in Perham


This is Patti/Patricia/Pattirica. She’s been my bestie since high school. She’s the one who got me to leave home (West Fargo, North Dakota) at 18 and follow her and her parents to California. Unfortunately her high school boyfriend came for a visit when he realized he couldn’t live without her. They got married at the Santa Barbara City Hall and headed to Duluth, MN where he had a teaching job lined up. She left me to fend for myself in Southern California. I was broken hearted. I couldn’t even speak to her for months! It took me a while to forgive her. Actually, I don’t know if I ever did; I just learned to accept that we’d be living thousands of miles apart when back in West Fargo we’d only lived twelve houses apart on Sheyenne Street.

She was Patti in high school. At forty she decided she wanted to be called Patricia. It’s a lovely name but my tongue got tangled every time I tried to say it. It was so confusing to me that I gave up trying and started calling her Pattiricia. She didn’t mind.

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