When it comes to helping women feel great about themselves and more confident in the way they look, Brenda Kinsel is the award-winning fashion and image consultant to which many are turning. “Whether you’re my one-on-one client or you’re discovering my fashion advice in my books, blog, or Tips & Teasers newsletter, you’ll learn how to put yourself together with verve and style. If you were to ask me why I’m so passionate about style and wardrobe consulting, I’d tell you it’s because I want you to see yourself as a beautiful work of art—the same way I see you.”


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Brenda is the fashion ambassador for women over 40, motivating them to be who they are, only better and without gimmicks. She is the author of five fashion books for women, and has been on regional, national and international TV (including The Oprah Winfrey Show). Brenda’s expertise is sought out by many news sources and magazines including In Style, Real Simple, Working Woman, and Shape. In whatever way she is able to speak to women, one thing is very clear – women can get one-way tickets out of their ruts, and look and feel fabulous every day in all facets of their lives.