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Finding fashion to love at Chico’s

Wearing polka dots from Chico's

My Monday morning outfit is my Thursday night find at Chico’s


On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the Girlfriend Event sponsored by the Napa Chico’s in the Bel Aire Plaza. It included one of my favorite things: a style show with models! When I go to Chico’s by myself I can’t possibly try on everything so to see looks others in a style show is a great shortcut to discovering looks I might want to try this year.

I’ve found some favorite pieces at Chico’s before. Last year I bought an outfit that had slits in the shoulder/arm area. This was daring for me! But the way they’d designed the sleeve, it still gave me a sense of modesty. I was indulging in the cold shoulder trend (good for you, Brenda!) without being too exposed (good job, BK). (I have an inner fashion cheerleader who talks to me a lot. Do you?)

Chico's navy outfit with open shoulder design on

Chico’s navy outfit with open shoulder design


Chico's outfit with scarf on

Chico’s outfit with my scarf for flair and coverage if needed

If I get nervous about bringing attention to my open arms (I know, I’m a Warrioress, but I’m a modest Warrioress) I can add this beautiful scarf to my outfit.

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