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4 In Anatomy of an Outfit

How I took the Peacock dress from winter into summer

restyling a dress

Bringing the mesh Peacock dress into summer


Do you by chance remember when I first styled this Peacock mesh dress (by Giselle Sheraton and gifted to me from Artful Home) last winter? I wrote about it in this Anatomy of an Outfit chapter back at the beginning of January. I pulled out all kinds of tricks. First I layered a long-sleeved mesh t-shirt under it to add warmth. I used a leather shoulder strap from a Calleen Cordero bag, turned it into a belt and used it to belt the dress. Back in winter I wore brown fishnet stockings and tall suede brown boots. I layered it with a jean jacket and a shawl for a relatively mild day in Sonoma. I wore gray glasses frames and a brown cross-body bag in leather and fur. I got it just so and loved it!

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