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5 In Shopping Tips/ Women Now

A romp through Anthropologie with the Bellas

Bella's get together once a month for adventures

The Bellas get schooled about frayed jeans by Roz, a personal stylist


As some of you know, the Bellas is a small group that meets once a month. In case you don’t know who they are, let me introduce you. There’s Bella Marj who lives in Contra Costa County and has red hair. There’s Bella Lynn who’s grown her hair out to its natural silver gray color (Marj and I LOVE it!) and she lives in Marin County. And then there’s me and I live in Sonoma County. We’re all image consultants and fashion lovers.

We had such a great time together this month; I just wanted to share highlights with you. I’ll bring you some of the beautiful things we saw, the fashion item that got our closer look (and the one we all went home with!) and some store decorations that might inspire you at home.

Ladies who lunch and talk about fashion

We met on Sunday at Marj’s house, exchanged gifts and then went to Il Fornio for a leisurely lunch. During our lunch we talked about all things fashion and then some. I was interested in their fashion hits and misses for the year. Ankle boots came up as hits. Marj and Lynn feel they’ve become so versatile and add style while still being comfortable. The lower cut booties don’t visually cut the leg. They hug the ankle more and don’t gape like earlier versions did.

Misses included expensive handbags that don’t have design elements that will give the bag longevity like feet at the bottom of the bag so you can set it down and it won’t touch the ground directly.

I brought up a pet peeve of mine which is when you go into a store and experience no hospitality. It even happened two months ago when the Bellas were shoe shopping at Neiman Marcus. Sales people stood around on their iPhones, or you’d see a cluster of sales people talking to one another having what looked like a private, juicy conversation. It’s not a great feeling to get no attention when you walk into a store!

Lynn added perspective. She said, “There used to be people who really knew the merchandise and had product knowledge that they shared freely. Now in most places people working in stores are just cashiers and dressing room cleaners.”

Enjoying lunch at Il Fornio in Walnut Creek

The Bella adventure starts with a leisurely lunch


I miss the old days but it made it clear how important professional image consultants are. We’re studying and keeping up with things all the time! We have brand and knowledge and know how to help our clients find the right thing in a sea of possibilities; things that will last. And with that, we went shopping!

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