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11 things I’m thankful for in 2011

My list appears in no particular order and of course, there are more where these came from. But I must mention:

1. Lilacs. To see them twice this year was awesome. First in Sonoma this spring, then in Queenstown, New Zealand at the beginning of November. My heart sings!

2. Trees. They are endlessly entertaining.

3. Young people having fun with fashion.

4. Older people having fun with fashion. This is a woman I introduced myself to in a restaurant in Sydney, Australia. She was so distinguished, wearing a slim black dress, with bracelets and a scarf. I told her how beautiful she was and she said, “Really? I thought maybe I’d worn too many accessories today.”

5. Russ and how he moves his body. He makes me laugh!

6. Being present with my parents as they celebrated their 60th anniversary this summer.

7. Colleagues. Fellow image consultants all over the world are passionate people who just want to serve the planet by creating more beauty.

8. Writers.

9. Comics. They write and perform and I saw one of the best in Marin last week — Brian Regan. So inspiring and talented!

10. The three Cs — coffee, chocolate, and cornbread.

11. Good people … like you. Long ago when I was sad to be leaving my buddies on the Central Coast and moving to Marin County, a friend said, “Don’t worry, Brenda. There are good people everywhere.” She was right!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you care to, share your list too!

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