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2012’s sneak peek

One of my favorite Saturday activities is to page through home decorating magazines. Some of my favorites are Traditional Home, Veranda, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Country Living. and Architectural Digest. I rip out things I love – phrases, design elements, color combinations – that sort of thing. These are my inspiration touchstones. I keep them in a folder until I’m ready for step two, assembling the collage.

A couple of weeks ago, Istarted making my collage for 2012. I reached for my recent picks that were waiting in my folder. But for good measure, I went through a couple more magazines – not fashion magazines, though. Why? I like to save that kind of collage project, one that’s just focused on fashion, for spring and fall, the big fashion seasons of the year. For now I’m just interested in broad themes for the year. I’ll start the fashion collage in March.

I have an 18” X 24” artist’s pad that I use to group my images on a page. I lay the pad on a worktable, pull out the glue stick and scissors, start trimming images and arrange the pieces according to my whims. I like to stay open and curious as to how it will look in the end and just enjoy the process.

I may not understand all parts of it when I do it but I know that time will reveal more. That’s why we trust this process, right?

The Modern Edge section

Keeping an eye on what makes something modern

Here’s one corner of my collage. There’s so much I love about this image. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a foyer to a shop in New York City that sells accessories. But I loved the title, “Modern Edge.” I always want to look modern and I counsel a lot of women about how to look modern as they age. I love seeing this theme holding center court for 2012.

Being modern doesn’t have to mean indulging in trendy looks that are worn best by 20-year-olds. We can be modern and age appropriate at the same time. I think being modern is sometimes about taking a chance with a color or an accessory. I can’t wait to explore what it will mean in 2012.

The softer side of 2012


Bring on the femininity!

I’m not sure how this image will move me this year but I really loved the feeling I got from it. It has sensuality to it. I loved the casualness of the white jean (and the great fit!) and the total femininity of the sheer loose top with sleeves. Am I ready to express more femininity in my style? Maybe! And with the spring trends getting ready to bloom, this could be a lot of fun!

The words that I glued near the top resonate with me too. Relaxed Glamour. That could be my fashion theme for the year! And “Simple Luxuries” could refer to careful shopping, looking for that one great necklace, scarf, watch or handbag that works with everything and adds quality to any outfit.

Working with a buddy


The last few months, I’ve enjoyed having an assistant with me on shopping trips and closet appointments with my clients. My assistant does the heavy lifting (clothes racks and bags of weeded out items being recycled), the charting of outfits (her handwriting is better than mine), the running around for other sizes during a shopping trip – things like that. Who is she? She’s my daughter Erin.

When I came across this image (it’s an ad for watches) of what looks like a mother and daughter, I was smitten. When I found the phrase We complete your look, I saw the future! Erin and I so enjoy working together and get so excited about fashion and all things style. Having an assistant seems like a great new adventure in 2012. It makes me so happy to see this in my collage.

So my dear friends, what are your ideas for your year? I hope you’ll leave some comments as I’d love to hear all about it! Together this just might be our best year ever!

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