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I have a client who works in the fitness field. She told me that people who write down what they eat everyday will consume 25% fewer calories than people who don’t. Makes sense to me. So this week as I think about three clients that are traveling outside the country, I bet I could make a similar claim. With all three clients, I helped them plan and pack for their trips. I used my Travel Wardrobe Workout Sheets to document every outfit we planned for, both day time and night time, writing all the details down on the grid, including accessories. By figuring it out ahead of time, you bring so much less with you. It’s amazing. We’ll look at the trip wardrobe on my portable rack and it looks so efficient, yet very satisfying. And best of all, it keeps you from packing all those “just in case” items. I do insist that every traveling client pack some just in case items — just in case it’s much hotter or much colder than anticipated. But she’s not throwing in lots of things at the end. She doesn’t have to. We planned it all.

I am convinced that every suitcase going out would weigh at least 25% less (or a number higher than that) if the travel wardrobe is planned ahead of time. Coming back home? Well, that depends on how much you shop when you’re traveling! Are you a good packer? What are some of your travel tips? Please share!

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