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A little lesson in creating Beauty Bundles

Hello dear readers! It’s time for a Beauty Bundle lesson. Not a piano lesson, not a guitar lesson, a Beauty Bundle lesson.

Why? Because I got this question from someone recently and I want to show you all how easy it is to get an instantly put together look, one that you don’t have to think twice about! Putting it on will take two seconds and requires no brainpower. That way you can get dressed in a jiffy and get back to all those important things you’re up to. I know you, you’re busy!

So here’s the question.

Q: “I have a hard time mixing jewelry together—like my earrings and bracelets and necklaces. I’m never quite sure what I should put with what or if I’m doing it right. Can you help?”

A: The key is to be sure your jewelry speaks the same language. If you’re wearing earrings, bangles and a necklace, they need to relate to one another some way. Once you’ve created a group that works well together you have what I call a Beauty Bundle. That Beauty Bundle can be worn together repeatedly whether it’s with casual outfits or dressier ones.


Here’s an example of an easy-to-wear Beauty Bundle





Last year I bought that heart pendant on the long leather chord at my local fun store, J.James just off the Plaza in Sonoma. It’s so lightweight for summer and perfect with all the tunics I’m wearing.

The cuff is black-crackle metallic leather with metal work and is designed by Calleen Cordero. I’ve recently visited her store on Sunset in Beverly Hills but I shopped for this one locally, at Robindira Unsworth in Petaluma. I bet I’ve had it at least three years or more, but it’s only been traveling together in this Beauty Bundle since last summer.

The earrings were a purchase made long ago as well at Gallery of Jewels in San Francisco. They are my version of hoop earrings and they’re a gunmetal color. They blend in nicely with the  cuff. Building a Beauty Bundle is kind of like layering. I layer on those hoops and the cuff remains happy to be getting the bulk of the attention.

Balance is important in a Beauty Bundle.


A Beauty Bundle needs a theme

The themes in this bundle are black or blackish, and metal. You don’t see any multi-colored gemstones in this bundle. Nothing’s too dainty; it’s all just right.

I wear a lot of black and white in the summer. I took this bundle with me when I went to church this summer in Hastings, North Dakota. I added it to what I was wearing: a black and white dotted top; sheer, loose black Eileen Fisher jacket; and white pants.

In fact, I believe I left that necklace in a hotel room because it never made it back to Sonoma with me. I hope whoever found it is enjoying it. I can be gracious because thankfully, I was able to get it replaced.

A Beauty Bundle can’t have a piece missing or it just doesn’t work! Since I’d had so much experience wearing this particular bundle it was worth it to me to replace the missing part. Ah, together again! They are so happy and so am I!


Can you make one now?

Sometimes it takes a little time accumulating the things you need to create a Beauty Bundle. If you’re halfway there, make it your mission to go all the way. Maybe your BB needs the right earring to be complete, or the right bangle or bracelet. Whatever it is, you’ll be so glad you spent the time finishing the bundle so you can wear it any time, all the time. As we spend several more weeks wearing short sleeves or rolling up our sleeves, Beauty Bundles can add all the adornment you need to be well dressed.

Beauty Bundles: they’re beautiful, practical, and easy to wear!

Do you have Beauty Bundles that you wear a lot? I’d love to have you share them with me! Maybe on our Tips & Teasers Facebook page? Let me see!



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