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Accessory hits for less

Yesterday Erin and I were working in a client’s closet, putting outfits together for transition — this period we’re headed into where it’s not quite summer and not quite fall. I kept making outfits and saying, “You could wear this right now!” And Erin would say, “Well, not today.” True, it was over 90 degrees outside. But living near San Francisco where it can feel like a breezy winter’s day in August, I’m close to being right if we just drive about 10 miles south.

But here’s what I’m thinking about this morning. We purchased a wonderful necklace for this client and it is going with everything. It’s making all her transition and fall outfits come together beautifully. Our secret? It was on sale at Talbot’s and it looks like it could have come from Saks Fifth Avenue. My experience here at the Marin Talbot’s is that you have to shop early and often to score these items. Merchandise seems to fly out the door and then it’s not repeated.

I’ve had many clients lust for a necklace I wear a lot. It came from the Brass Plum department at Nordstrom. This is the junior department where things are very very inexpensive. I think this necklace cost me $19. I wish I had bought 10 of them and next time I spot something that great, I will! A sales associate in Neiman-Marcus recently mistook it for a Lagos rope necklace — which was only about $700 more. I didn’t correct him.

Do you have some favorite finds that cost you less? Do share!

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