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Adventures in Chicago

Lady in white

My eldest daughter, Erin, has moved to Chicago and I spent several days with her this last week walking around the snowy neighborhoods in my puffy coat (gotta love puffy coats!!!) going from one adventure to the next.

man's shirt in tile

We managed to fit in most of my very favorite activities and then some! I wasn’t expecting to hear a bagpipe group singing in a corner bar but we knew one of the performers and jumped at the chance. So we heard live music, took a cooking class, spent a lot of time at Second City in Old Town as it was their 50th anniversary, saw a play, and shopped together in neighborhood boutiques.

Second City highlights–I’ve never seen so many “stars” in one place. Steve Carell (boy is he short!), Fred Willard, George Wendt, Rachel Dratch, Bonnie Hunt, Eugene Levy, Tim Meadows, Richard Klein and then lots of people you would recognize but not necessarily know their names from TV shows like 30 Rock, the Office, Scrubs, Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’d vote Tim Meadows and Fred Willard as the best dressed folks we ran into. They took their style to the highest level. Wish I had pictures to share but I am a shy fan. I love seeing these people but am too shy to get in their faces and say, “Can I have a picture with you?”

Shopping Highlights–As a personal shopper for people, I shop with a mission. I’m helping my clients get the wardrobes they need in order to be able to completely forget about their clothes and just get out in the world and shine. My shopping experience in Chicago was both personal and delightful. Erin and I popped in and out of neighborhood boutiques so there was a lot of “just looking” and an appreciation for how unique stores can be in a large metro area. I didn’t step into a single large chain. If you get to Chicago, I highly recommend Gem, a jewelry boutique, p.45, clothing and great jewelry, and Stitch, great accessories. As a result of this relaxed day of shopping, I have come home with some accessories that I love and will always remind me of the good times we shared.

So, what are these pictures? Erin and I took a cooking class at the Chopping Block where we made great chili (three kinds) and cornbread–which I plan to make today! When we were leaving the store, I stepped out and right across the way was this tile store and these were two of the mannequins just inside. They were amazing! The white gown and the man’s shirt are completely made out of tiles. What a creative way to advertise tile!

We also caught sight of a couple of “What Was She Thinking???!!!!” people, but I’ll save that for the next Tips & Teasers newsletter. Have a great Saturday everybody!!!

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    January 8, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    When I read you comment about no pictures with celebrities because you were too shy, I had to giggle. After working for Kerry Cordero (from your recommendation in NJ), I have really elevated my style. When traveling, I used to travel in ugly but comfortable clothes. Now I wear attractive and comfortable clothes. This totally paid off when I saw Orlando Bloom in the airport. He was on my flight, and when I was boarding, I ended up stopping in the aisle right next to his seat. I asked for a photo and he very nicely asked if I’d like to be in it. So now I have a picture of me with Orlando Bloom, and me looking good and not at all frumpy (although maybe not quite as good as him). Even if you don’t have pictures with those celebrities, you certainly had a hand in mine.

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      January 9, 2010 at 8:36 am

      What a great story, Joleen! I love it! Next time I’m standing in front of some of my favorite entertainers, I am going to “channel” you! And how awesome that he responded the way he did. And isn’t Kerry the best? I knew you’d be in good hands. Keep having fun with your clothes, Jolene!

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