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Are you willing to be seen?

Leslie Lawton, a local jewelry designer, sent me a reminder of this popular annual San Francisco event.

If you love fine crafts, this is the place to be next weekend. I’ve been there many times. I’d always go to check out my favorite wearable art designers but you’ll also find fine photographers, ceramicists, printmakers, leather workers, glass artists, furniture makers, fiber artists, and of course, jewelers. (Leslie is in Booth F 810)

The Contemporary Crafts Market
Saturday March 13th and Sunday March 14th
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason
Buchanan at Marina Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94123

Here’s something Leslie said that I so agree with. When you read it, ask yourself if you’re a woman who is willing to be seen. Here’s Leslie:

“The beauty of art to wear is that the visual ideas don’t wear out. They become timeless – treasures you want to wear and wear and wear. In a world that is becoming ever more commoditized, this kind of style has real meaning. The art you wear isn’t superficial. It expresses your essence. Your choices tell others who you are, that you’re willing to be seen, that you’re proud of yourself. This actually takes a surprising amount of courage. I’ve seen women shyly put something on and literally start to glow. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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