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Are you working your makeup stash?

Use what you have

Elina is our beauty guru ever since she helped my eldest daughter, Erin, get her first tube of Chanel lipstick and taught me how to wear age-appropriate makeup. Elina, a tall beauty with patience for those of us who feel like we’re blundering our way through beauty products, is a beauty specialist at Nordstrom, Corte Madera.

Elina taught me how to apply and use products that were new to me. When my makeup containers are nearly empty of product, I bring them in to see if she wants me to continue using that particular color or product or if she wants to suggest a change. She’s always amazed at the condition of the little pots of color that I show her. “Wow, you’re really using your product,” she’ll say. Hey, she gave me a plan and I work the plan. That’s it!

She recently suggested a different lipstick color for me for spring/summer. Her suggestion? Red. Here’s how the conversation went.

“RED!” I said. The introvert in me wanted to crawl under the Laura Mercier counter.

“Yes,” she said calmly.

“Maybe for special occasions, but not every day,” I fussed.

“Why not?” She wasn’t budging, not even a teeny bit.

“But what about when I just go to the coffee shop and write? I can’t wear red lipstick there, can I?” I argued.

“Absolutely, it’s you. Wear it and write,” she insisted.

Okay, okay, red lipstick. I bought it. I’ll try it, I thought. Estée Lauder Vengeful Red came home with me.

Fast forward two months and I am still wearing it. Recently Erin and I were at a San Francisco Giants ballgame and got separated when we were wandering around the concession stands. She went to the usher of our section and said, “I’ve lost my mom!” “Is she wearing red lipstick?” he said. “Yup!” she said. When she located me she told me the usher story and said, “See, it’s your signature color!”

One day Erin wanted Elina to look at the lipstick color she’d recently purchased. When Erin fidgeted about whether or not there were other shades she should be wearing instead, Elina said firmly, “Erin put it on and be happy. You don’t need more lipstick.”

Are you using what you’ve got? Maybe you need to take your stash of products to a professional and have her go through them to help you get a plan. Or, maybe like myself, you gave up a while back and thought there was nothing out there for you? Listen, if I can learn new things, so can you. Next lifetime, I swear I’m going to come back as a wildly extroverted person who loves products and wants to try every single one, a person who could easily fit right in as a MAC counter girl. But for now, I’m just happy being me…with Elina’s help!


Makeup Lessons

1. Find someone you trust and be open to learning new things.

2. Practice, practice, practice those new things. Give them a chance instead of falling back into the rut you brought with you to the makeup counter.

3. If what you’re doing is working, stick with it. Visit your trusted beauty expert for additional tutorials as the seasons change.

4. When you’re using what you have you don’t have to worry about makeup expiration dates. Your products are going on your face well before they’ve expired.

5. Put it on, wear it. You’ll be happy you did.

Erin and I visiting our beauty stylist.

Erin and I visiting our beauty stylist.

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