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Assembling my Oscar team

Woke up this morning thinking of red carpets, statuettes, paparazzi and goody bags. Didn’t you? Can’t wait for the Oscar show even though it’s a marathon TV watching event and the only way to get through long hours of TV is with extra portions of popcorn.

I got to thinking about the team it takes to prepare for a walk on the red carpet and started thinking about MY team. Who would I put in charge of makeup, hair, dresses, shapers, etc.? Easy! Names popped into my head immediately. Here they are.

For hair I’m going with Ginger Burr. Ginger and I served together on the international board of the Association of Image Consultants International about a million years ago. The entire board (we were coming from all parts of the US) gathered in Fort Worth, Texas for a strategic planning session one long weekend. Before one of our dinners out, Ginger gave me hair that made my board members proud. She curled it and made it big and glamorous. I looked mostly like myself only better. Go Ginger!

For makeup, I’ll go with Colleen Abrie from Burlingame. She plays with makeup like Julia Child played with ingredients for a dinner party. An artist! I wish I could replicate what she does to my face but I don’t have the makeup gene. However, when she compliments me on my makeup when I run into her in public (this does not happen every time I see her!), I float on a cloud the rest of the day.

For my dress, I’ll go with what has worked in the past. Five years ago I was the “superstar” in an event called, “Secrets from a Style Superstar.” It was a fashion show sponsored by our local chapter of AICI. I was the speaker and MC of the event held in a big San Francisco downtown hotel as we showed real women in real clothes and gave the audience lots of styling tips to take home with them. We had live music for the runway show, the Klein Trio, a jazz combo that had a red-headed young man playing the standup bass, named Trevor Kinsel  (my son). I had to dress to impress and I did. Again, I looked sort of like myself, only better. Much better.

Lea Ditson, a favorite local designer with a big following, dressed me for that event. I met her at her studio and together we chose fabrics and concocted a most wonderful outfit. It was a tea-length full skirt in persimmon orange floral silk taffeta, a bustier type underpiece and a striped silk multi-colored cropped gold jacket with 3/4 sleeves. She added gorgeous jewels to my neck and embroidered slipper type heels with open backs to my feet. I often bring clients to her studio to be outfitted for special events. How delightful to be enjoying the role reversal.

Although I didn’t need to wear one that night, if I was wearing something really clingy, I’d put Bianca Stark-Falcone on my team. She’d be in charge of all shaping and taping. When it comes to undergarments, she really knows her stuff!

To get tips for walking the red carpet, I’d choose Catherine Schuller. She can produce fashion shows with the same ease I can make a peanut butter sandwich. I’ve seen her in action. In fact, at a Divabetics event that I participated in with her, she even taught my sweetheart, Russ, how to walk the runway as he escorted one of the models in the show at the Paramount movie studios in LA.

And my assistant who would tell me which camera to face and remind me of the designers and jewelry makers who had contributed to this big magnificent fluff of a person floating down the red carpet (me) would be Nicole Fersel who holds details together better than a ziplock bag holds chocolate chip cookies. (Maybe I’ll make some of those for tomorrow night …)

There you have it! There’s my team. And really, except for the dress designer, they are all friends I’ve met through AICI. Good friends, talented all of them, there when I need them … I feel like a winner!

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    Julie Maeder
    March 6, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Sounds like a dream team! But don’t forget your AICI friends that help you scout glamorous bathrooms. 😉

  • Reply
    March 9, 2010 at 7:31 am

    I could NEVER forget those AICI friends!!!

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