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Be proud

So, when I read the list on the Australian Bazaar magazine cover to ‘be sexy, be unique, be cool, be proud, be bright’ I thought first about the words, be proud. Americans get a lot of press about how casual we are. Now casual is one thing, but sloppy is another. Many times people are making an I-don’t-really-care-how-I-look statement with their clothes. I see that as a missed opportunity. In my imagination, if everyone had the sign “Be Proud” on their bathroom mirror to remind themselves to put some care into how they look both at home and in public wouldn’t they come out of their closet looking differently than if they didn’t think about it at all? If I’m dressing to ‘be proud’ I think I’m looking sharp, put together, like I’m proud to be me, the one and only original Brenda K. I’ll add that mascara; I’ll be sure my white shirt is pressed; I’ll take care of a scuffed up shoe before wearing it again.

What is dressing to ‘be proud’ mean to you?

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