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Beauty and fashion investments

I got a letter from someone in Zurich who had enjoyed my Fashion Essentials report and added a P.S. to her letter. She says, “Some friends of mine and I met for coffee the other day. At some stage, we talked about what to do if there were only two investments in beauty and fashion we could make. Well, although we all have different ways of life and therefore different needs, we all agreed that 1) a good haircut is essential no matter what you wear and that 2) shoes of good quality will take you very far. Amazing, isn’t it? We were quite surprised to notice that we were all convinced that one can live without a handbag or lipstick but not without a haircut that suits your face and type.”
So, I’m asking you, what are the two investments in beauty and fashion that would be on your list? I’m getting ready to go spend my money on one of those–yes, hair! But my other daily/hourly essential is lipstick. Can’t take the trash out to the curb without my lipstick. In fact, I’ll do it barefoot!
What are your two key investments?????

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