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There’s a really important piece of real estate on your body that should have your focus every day whether it’s winter or summer. That area is from your bust up to the top of your head. If you think about it, we often just see this part of a person in our day to day life. If we’re having a meeting in someone’s office, they may be sitting behind a desk the whole time. If we run into someone at a coffee shop, we’re chatting with him or her at a counter or café table. If we’re enjoying dinner out with a friend, their focus from across a table will be from the bust up.

Even if we are entering a room, we want people focusing on the top third of our bodies. We connect with our eyes and communicate with our voices. When I’m dressing a client, I want attention to travel to their face as quickly as possible. Every detail from the bust up will help accomplish that. It can include color or pattern in jackets or tops, collars, necklaces, earrings, makeup, glasses, hair, or hats.

So let me introduce you to three people who inspired me with their ‘bust up’ presence.


Before I left Fargo, I was thrilled to meet my niece Jessie for some conversation and treats at Nichole’s Fine Pastry. Plus, I planned to take home a scone to enjoy with my morning coffee back in Sonoma the next day.

As Jessie and I were saying our goodbyes and putting on our warmest coats, gloves, scarves and hats, I couldn’t help but notice Ene who was sitting at the table next to us.

I loved her passion for the color green. She wore her green t-shirt under her cable knit cardigan and added two-toned green beads in another texture. Her purple-framed glasses added a modern edge to her outfit. She looked so bright and attractive. She didn’t mind me taking a picture of her. As I thought about it later, I never did see what she was wearing below her waist. I only saw her from the bust up! She was so inviting. Her pretty lips in a great shade of lipstick and her bobbed hair kept me focused on her face. She’d covered all the bases!

Ene from Fargo at Nicole's French Bakery

Ene from Fargo at Nicole’s French Bakery


I met Nicole at a very favorite store in Sonoma called Chateau Sonoma. She was standing behind a counter so I didn’t see what she was wearing on the bottom half of her body. But she expertly created so much interest from her bust up. She had her black and white striped tunic under her black puffy vest. She wrapped a long narrow black and white striped scarf around her neck and added silver earrings and a silver pendant. I loved her berry shade of lipstick. Doesn’t she seem interesting and creative? I wanted to know more!

Nicole at Chateau Sonoma in Sonoma

Nicole at Chateau Sonoma in Sonoma


Maggan is a dear friend from Stockholm. We met when she was the editor of Tara magazine, a popular Swedish magazine for women over 40. She brought me to Stockholm twice to do makeovers for readers of the magazine. She and her partner Anders have had Thanksgiving with us for the last ten years in a row. They’re family! Our tradition is to spend the day after Thanksgiving shopping and eating in nearby towns in the wine country. We were headed to another favorite store of mine in Sonoma called Bess Nathan Rice Jewelry Studio Collections when I snapped this picture. I just loved her ‘bust up’ look. She was wearing a graphic print jacket and black button clip-on earrings. She had a red tote bag over her shoulder. I complimented her on her glasses, which were vintage. I love how they add warmth and contrast to her jacket. Her hair is short and so soft. Her lips are beautifully defined. Maggan is quite tall and striking yet approachable at the same time.

Maggan from Sweden outside of the El Dorado Hotel in Sonoma

Maggan from Sweden outside of the El Dorado Hotel in Sonoma


I bet you’d agree that each of these three woman look like they enjoy getting dressed and give thought to how they’re going to put themselves together each day. I love how they express themselves in unique ways. They dare to show up. They show us that they care and in turn, we care about them.

When you get dressed tomorrow, think about how you’re dressed from the bust up. Are you creating a plan for bringing attention to your face? I hope so! You’re so fascinating and I encourage you to share your beauty with those around you.

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