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Don’t delay! Wear those summer clothes today!

Wear it now

There’s going to be a day in late September when you’re looking at something in your closet and you’ll wonder, Can I still wear this or is it past the summer expiration date? There isn’t a hot line for answers, not like the Butterball turkey hotline for novice cooks on Thanksgiving. The answer in August would be yes, a no-brainer. But September? Not so sure!

It’ll happen again in October. There will be a day that month that will get your attention. It won’t be because of who is winning the World Series. No, it’ll be because you look in your closet to grab a warmer layer and you discover a summer top that you forgot all about! Suddenly you can think of three occasions when it would have been PERFECT with your white linen pants that you won’t wear until next summer. But today you’re looking for something to wear with your coated burgundy jeans and it’s not that top! You’re pissed at yourself for the missed opportunities to wear it.

Isn’t it the Buddhists that encourage us to live with no regrets? Or was that my dad’s advice? Either way, it’s a good idea to go through your closet right now, this week, and take an inventory. Let your fingers touch every hanging garment as you move from left to right. Pull out every item that you’ve forgotten about and would feel horrible about not wearing before the summer is out. Put these items in a designated NOW OR NEVER section of your closet where you’ll see them first thing when you open your closet doors tomorrow.

Whether you organize by color or by function, these clothing pieces want to serve you before the summer is out. Let them. Let them delight you like crazy for the time remaining. Put them into outfits from now until September 15th.

Remember, no regrets. Wear it. Wear it now.

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