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Dressing for an image consultant conference

I think I could scare the cute panties off you by just telling you what’s ahead for me: 5 days spent in hotel conference rooms packed with image consultants from all over the world. Do you think that puts any pressure on packing? I have my portable rack that I use with my clients in their closets set up in my living room with the potential outfits I’m taking. It’s not a big group of clothes, I’m telling you! Just my current favorites. The dress code is “business” for the conference, but hey, I wrote a book about Diva Style. I’ve got to be true to myself, don’t I? There are not going to be any business suits in my suitcase and I’m not going to panic today and go out and do some last minute shopping. I am going to be calm, try things on, be sure I have a slip for the leopard print skirt (I discovered that even though it has its own slip, you can still see right through it — one of those things you only discover the hard way) and call it a day. I am going to bed early. At least that’s my 9:30 am promise to myself. Check in with me again in 12 hours and it might be a different story! I’ll try to give you some inside scoop while I’m there. Ciao for now!

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