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Ease, please–wearing tops that aren’t too tight

Ease, please.

Ease, please.


I wonder when the phrase “muffin top” was first coined. We all know what I’m talking about, right? It’s not the delicious muffin tops that we see under the glass at bakeries. It’s those folds of flesh that hang over a predominately low-cut jean and are made obvious by wearing tops that are tight or too tight and too short at the same time. We’ve probably all seen that look while standing in a morning line at Starbucks, waiting for coffee drinks and pastries.

Hopefully the muffin top is headed for extinction as many current jean styles are being cut with a longer rise and fuller tops are grabbing hold in the fashion world.

There’s only one viable cure for the muffin top and it’s not about spending your life at the gym tightening up your abs. You need to befriend clothes that have more fabric in them. There are multiple benefits to be had by a move in that direction.


Loose is just right for a few reasons


1. Comfort

Clothes that are suctioned on to us are uncomfortable especially now as the weather gets warmer. Sometimes a client slips into a top that’s loose and she’s wondering whether it’s too big. “Nope, it’s just right” is often my reply. We’ve been on a fashion roll (yes, I saw that pun coming!) of super tight things like jeggings, skinny jeans and Lycra filled tops that fit like a glove. We need to get used to a new silhouette.

Designers turned fashion upside down more recently when volume suddenly came “in” style. Now I’m training my clients to feel comfortable in more relaxed looks. It suddenly looks modern to wear more volume.

2. Sensuality

Every garment doesn’t have to grip us tightly. There’s a sensuality to a garment that has enough volume to it that it can drape or move as we move. It’s luxurious. I love the navy blue silk top in the picture above, an image I captured in a parking lot in Lafayette, California. The blue silk plays with the light and creates highlights and lowlights. It holds our attention and teases the eye. Fabrics that only wisp against our skin can make us feel sexy and attractive. We’re at ease and that makes us more confident.

3. Mental space

There are so many things to pay attention to in a single moment. Wondering whether or not your muffin top is getting too much unwanted attention is really not worth your time. If clothes are pulling at us or pinching us, we are sacrificing mental space to deal with things that shouldn’t matter. Discomfort gets our attention and our minds get cluttered.

I believe that when we wear clothes that fit us poorly, it erodes our confidence. We become self-conscious and pull away from situations and people instead of being open to them.


So there you have it. Dare to wear clothes that are a little loose and be ready for wonderful things to happen.

Why? Because you won’t be thinking about yourself. You’ll be in the moment and that’s when the magic happens.

(Muffin top? What muffin top?)


Share your successes with me, will you? I’d love to know how you’re doing with the relaxed styles out there!




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