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Eileen Fisher–from frump to fashionable?

I was reading the NY Times Style section yesterday and there’s a big article about Eileen Fisher trying to re-brand herself from frumpy to fashionable by listening to younger people and trying some fitted pieces in her line as well as adding leggings (must you?). Anyway, just had to report that this past summer, I was shopping with a client who has dropped about 4 sizes due to a brain aneurism (don’t try this at home, folks . . . and she’s doing just great!!!!). With the weight loss, there were more fashion possibilities open to her. She’s never worn a skinny jean but I found one the sale rack as we were shopping for new clothes that fit her new body. She tried it on, it looked great, and the label said . . . Eileen Fisher! Quite surprising as I, too, only think of that brand as a loose, flowy, elastic-waisted product. The pants were so fabulous that a week later, I insisted we try and find another pair. She was thrilled when we did and is still wearing them into the fall. They’re pretty fine, not like a coarse jean, so they won’t work in December. But I’ll be back to see if she followed through in her fall line and provided more choices. So three cheers for Eileen Fisher!

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