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End-of-Summer Purge


There’s nothing more refreshing than a closet purge. All you need is some time and a willingness to tell the truth, right here and right now.

The result of my end-of-the-summer closet purge is in that shopping bag above. It was escorted out the front door by my lovely daughter who was willing to take some things to the consignment store. Other items went to our local charity.

So what’s in the bag?

*A pair of classic black wool crepe pants. They’re black and classic. What could be wrong, right? But I hadn’t chosen to wear them in months. My moment of truth came when I asked myself to answer the following question: Why don’t you reach for these?

Answer: They’re a little too classic. I’m wearing more relaxed clothing now like skinny pants and ponte knit pants. And they’re a little short. Time to say goodbye.

*A few pairs of shoes that I never wore this summer. Shoes are hard for me to shop for so why would I let any go? Well, again I had to ask myself the question: Why aren’t you reaching for these?

Answer: I have relationships with my shoes that I could characterize as being more like serial monogamy than playing the field. Several pairs of shoes were go-to shoes last season or longer ago. I seem to be in a new grove with shoes. Why clutter my closet with things I’m not interested in anymore? Time to let go now.

*A blue and white Carlisle sheath dress that I’ve never worn. In fact, I have had it altered–twice–and still not worn it. I paid good money for it! It’s like brand new! Why let it go? Here comes the question: Why haven’t you ever worn this?

Answer: I’ve invested a lot in this dress. I bought special shoes for it. I bought a leather cropped summer weight jacket to go with it a year or two back. But it felt too “outfity” for me. This year I tried to pair it with a simple cardigan and a denim jacket. I wrote it up on my wardrobe charts but still never wore it. I love the colors. I love the idea of it. But I can truly say I have tried EVERYTHING! And it just doesn’t work and I’m ready to call it quits and let go. Letting go helps me to notice the other print dresses I have in my wardrobe that I enjoy wearing–effortlessly. I’ll focus on and wear the ones I already have! Someone else will put this on and it’ll suit her perfectly, as is. My years of trying to make it work are officially over.

*A stack of tops–some in black, some in colors. They’re in good shape. They look current. Why get rid of them? You know what’s coming! The self-question: Why aren’t you wearing these?

Answer: When I put them on, I want to take them off within thirty minutes. I don’t feel pretty in them. I feel old in them. I don’t feel spunky in them or sexy or happy. If clothes are just “good enough” they aren’t good enough! They will be good for others! They will be somebody’s first choice, not a default choice. I’ll give them a chance to be enjoyed by someone else.

Once these items have left the closet, I straighten things up. I review what’s there. I see some things I want to wear next week. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, excited about getting dressed. And all I needed was a block of time and the willingness to tell the truth. I love the feeling I get when I keep my commitment to having a wardrobe of clothes that suits me just right, right now.

Will you be purging some things from your closet this month?

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