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Even fashionistas need down time!

I’ve been meeting a deadline–big writing project–and now I’m coming up for air and letting my neck and shoulders do things other than sit in front of a computer screen. Okay, what do you do to rejuvenate? I think it’s hard when you’ve been full steam ahead on something and then, after turning in the project, you face a different speed altogether. I almost want to create a mastermind group just focused on rejuvenation. I think it must be a muscle that can be strengthened and developed. Any ideas?

Part of my routine to come back to myself has been going to movies and book stores. Now that’s heaven! I have a new stack of books that have my attention. Sitting down in front of a pile of books, uninterrupted for an hour, is heaven.
The movie theme this week was food. Saw Food, Inc. and just saw Julie & Julia. I’m recommending both (for very different reasons!). And between movies was a date with my daughters with Chef Pierre at Ramekins cooking school. In the photo from left, Pierre, Caitlin, Erin. I’d already tried, and failed. We all did! Pierre is a genius and very gentle and patient. What incredible fun!
So dear fashionistas, what are you doing for fun????

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