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Eyewear expresses: How do you want to be seen?



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It was an unusual situation. Usually when I shop for eyewear with clients, I’ve already worked with them for a while and I understand their style formula and lifestyle. But this time a client of ours was bringing her daughter to meet Erin and me at Uber Optics in Petaluma. Because we knew her mom so well, it hadn’t occurred to me to ask her to do any homework first.

My mistake.

Before we started trying on frames I asked her what she’d be using these glasses for. She told me her doctor wanted her to be using her contacts less and wearing glasses more. So these glasses would be for every day.


So the next question I asked was this: “Will you fill in the blank? ‘I am ____'”

I said, “You could follow ‘I am’ with a word like creative, smart, business-like, capable, unique.”

She thought for a minute. “Well, it wouldn’t be creative or artistic. I feel funny saying this but something about pretty or beautiful and definitely smart.”


So smart and beautiful was my guide. With her coloring and the scale of her body in mind, that eliminated about 80% of the frames in the store which was fantastic. I found four frames that could be THE ONE.

I asked her to come outside with me in the natural light and try each of them on again. THE ONE became very clear. “But in the store, you really liked this one,” she said holding up a different pair. “Yes, I did, absolutely! But that’s why we do this second step. The indoor choices are more general. The outside choice is usually the true test,” I said.

The next step was to ask the optician to look them over to be sure they were a perfect fit.

THE ONE passed with flying colors.


Going for seconds


There was another frame I liked for her. It wouldn’t be my first choice but a second choice down the line. “This frame looks like one you’d be wearing in Italy at an outdoor cafe. You’re sipping a cappuccino, watching people go by.” She smiled, “Well, actually we are going to Italy in two months!”

Now what are the chances of that? In more general terms, it seemed like a great Saturday and Sunday frame: more casual but still very attractive. The price points weren’t bad so with some consideration she decided to get both of them that day.

She was so cute. She was grinning ear to ear. She said, “This is so much fun! Let’s do this every day!”


Take time to think it through


I came home and thought of two other questions I’d have asked if she’d had a hard time answering the first one. They’re more fill-in-the-blanks:

“I want more _______ in my life.” (Fun, confidence, respect, creativity, etc.)

“I want to become more ______.” (Artistic, sophisticated, playful, serious, etc.)

When you shop for frames, do your homework. Then give this information to the person who’s helping you. They’ll be so grateful for your guidance.

I hope your next piece of eyewear expresses exactly what you want it to express!



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