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Michael Jackson has always been such a lightening rod for opinions. I’m fascinated by all the media coverage of his untimely death and all the flashbacks of his career through the ages. If ever there was someone who was allergic to “ordinary” it was him. He had such style, Michael Jackson style (never mind the non-fashion things about him that were unique). Having worked in fashion for over 25 years, it is easy for me to appreciate the details of his non-conformity. I have had clients that also have been allergic to “ordinary” and then I have clients who really strive to NOT be different, to fit in, to look like everyone else, in the best way for them. I don’t know who was behind MJ’s look, but I’d love to know more about the fashion angle. Has anybody heard more about that aspect of his life? To have been part of the Jackson 5 which had its own uniform look and then to break away so distinctly like he did–well, that’s a lot of intent! The only time I saw him in something that looked ordinary was when he wore a red corduroy shirt that was oversized on him as he faced the cameras and denied his involvement with young boys. It seemed strategic that he wore that shirt as it was so different from everything else he wore.

Your thoughts, dear readers? Are you allergic to ordinary? Do you strive to look different? What is your code?

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    Russian Chic
    January 14, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    MJ was a perfectionist. He had an extremely clear vision of himself that included his music, choreography and his personal style. Being a perfectionist makes delegating hard. He designed his wardrobe himself. He truly was a divine human being.

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