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Finding calm in a few wardrobe practices

keep calm


Securing calm where you can

My dictionary is right here on the floor. Yup, it’s one of those big heavy ones. I’m old school.

So, I’m flipping through the pages and finding the word CALM.

One of the definitions of calm is as follows: Serenity; tranquility; peace 

Delicious words, aren’t they?


At this age…

I’m sixty-two and I wouldn’t mind a steady diet of serenity, tranquility, and peace in this chapter of my life.

Wild, crazy and hectic are words that marked my 30s and early 40s. Well, maybe that’s a bit overdramatized but tranquility would not have been on my list of must-haves back then.

I was at a dinner party last weekend and I was so happy to hear the hosts (forty-six and fifty-seven years old) confess to a 9 pm bedtime. My people!!


One area of my life where I’ve always welcomed “calm” no matter what decade I was in is in my wardrobe.

I don’t want to be stressed by clothes. There’s enough to stress about; clothes shouldn’t be one of them!

To keep calm and carry on through the seasons of fashion, here are some of my wardrobe practices.


Seasonal Fashion Practices

1. Try everything on at the beginning of a season.

I’m doing that right now. I must admit, a couple of pairs of pants are just a little tight. But I am confident that watching my diet for a week or two will make them feel just fine again. However I am looking at a pair of Sempione cropped pants I bought in New York on a very happy, fun trip one spring. They must have fit for five minutes. I’ve carried them over year to year thinking maybe I’ll fit in them again. Alas, not this year. I’m giving up on that dream. They are heading out to the consignment store tomorrow! It’s finally time for someone else to enjoy the beautiful fabric and slim fit.


2. Trying on everything includes shoes.

I don’t want to think I have shoes that will work with outfits and then find out five minutes before heading out the door and discover a problem. Last year for some reason, I had tender feet and hardly anything felt good on my feet. I thought it would be quite ironic if this style and fashion consultant couldn’t wear anything but running shoes in order to be comfortable.

This year I’ve gotten a happy surprise. Instead of finding problems, I’m discovering that the sandals that I had packed away actually feel fine on my feet. In fact, everything feels better this year!

I’m in the minority. Plenty of my clients are having challenges with their feet. I’m encouraging them to spend the big bucks on shoes because they are so important to the quality of our life. With one client, we did an honest purge of the shoes that were hurting her feet or that she couldn’t be comfortable in for longer than thirty minutes. With those shoes heading out the door (it was quite a parade heading down her hallway!), it was obvious to me that her spring wardrobe budget needed to focus on shoes.

She didn’t need one or two new pairs of shoes; she needed several new ones. We set a date for a focused shopping trip and she’s not looked back. When mama’s feet are happy, the whole family is happy!


3. Carefully inspect your jean wardrobe.

I’ve been shopping with my clients already and I’m ready to follow the advice I give them: update your jeans! I’m eager to embrace the higher waisted casual rolled jean. I know they will be the base for many outfits in the coming weeks.

After checking over my spring pant inventory I know just what I need to hunt for: the boyfriend rolled jean. Skinnies are taking a back seat and I look forward to the ease of a looser fitting jean. Although I was tempted by the Eileen Fisher ones I saw in the stores, I’ve actually found a better fit in a Chico jean. I had to have them shipped because they didn’t have my size. I’ll let you know how they turn out!


4. Make ten new outfits out of your “old” clothes.

With the influence of the new fashion that’s out there and the artwork I’ve seen as well as nature and home design magazines, my eye is seeing things in a new way this spring. With that influx of inspiration, it’s  the perfect time to look at the “old” wardrobe and style it in some “new” ways. It makes everything feel fresher in May. And if I’ve added some new jewelry pieces over the winter months, I will want to showcase them in summer outfits ASAP.

Giving myself the assignment of creating ten new outfits gets me focused in the direction of the new season. Once I’ve played in my closet and started making outfits I feel excited about getting up and  dressed for the day. And I love the compliments that come my way when without really buying anything new (except for maybe those cropped jeans!).

To help you, use the Wardrobe Workout Chart and write out all the details of your outfit. You’ll be happy you did!


So, tell me how your spring styling is going. Are you enjoying “new” looks out of “old” clothes? What will you need to add to your wardrobe to make your outfits work? Remember, spending time on it now at the beginning of the season will keep you calm and carrying on!



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    Amy Roseveare
    May 4, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    I’m SO with you on the shoe thing. There’s nothing that will wreck a day more than feet in pain. Comfortable shoes are worth their weight in gold. Great article, Bren!

    • Reply
      May 5, 2015 at 4:40 pm

      Thanks, Amy! I’ve seen some of the shoes on your feet: fashionable, fun and comfortable if I do recall!

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