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Finding the source of sexy

Where does sexy come from?

Mantras for Daughters #9

One of my favorite things about summer is people watching and seeing all the pretty summer dresses on women and girls of all ages. With warmth against our skin and the fact that we’re showing more skin — well, there seems to be a freedom that’s available in summer time that could get smothered in winter with all the layers of clothes we wear. There’s something so immediate about our senses at this time of year. Don’t they feel electrified? Fruits are fully ripened, flowers are blooming and giving off scents, colors are so vibrant.

There are so many reasons to be outside enjoying it all. Walking along the edge of a lake hand-in-hand with your sweetheart, feeding each other fresh strawberries from the local farm stand, sitting outside together on a deck well into the evening is sensual, fun, sexy.

Isn’t it a wonderful time to be in touch with your womanhood? I think so! I may have a few more wrinkles this year than I did last year but my senses haven’t dimmed. While my heart might not flutter as much as it once did, it hums along happily when I’m with the people I love. I feel like purring!

This summer is more precious than ever. Are you ready to enjoy it? Bring it on!

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