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From books to mags

On Sunday, we went to our favorite haunt in St. Helena, a coffee shop that has the best lattes in the Bay Area which also has a great bookstore next door that has lots of magazines. I picked up the Harper’s Bazaar, Australian edition and have been enjoying it in 15 minute increments. Okay, starting with the cover. Here’s what it says under the title, “It’s a Brave New World. Then comes:

BE SEXY, channel your inner diva
BE UNIQUE, don’t be afraid to stand out
BE COOL, wear it with rock’n’roll attitude
BE PROUD, embrace your curves, love your shape
BE BRIGHT, in the latest show-stopping looks
Maybe I’ll just let you think about those “BEES” for a moment. Would love to hear your thoughts. The magazine of course has fashion spreads and interviews that talk about those cover items. Let’s you and I talk about them. Tomorrow I’m tackling “Be Proud.”

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