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Getting bang for your buck

If you’re planning a frugal fall in the fashion department, it’s especially wise to know that what you purchase will really get used, worn, be delightful and enjoyable. Otherwise, you’re not getting enough pleasure from it. Fashion should excite us or help project qualities we want advertised in the world. Otherwise, why bother? Don’t spend your money on something that doesn’t DO something for you besides just covering up your body.

I purchased a necklace from the Carlisle collection this spring didn’t wear it right away. I wondered — oh, did I make a mistake? But then I started pulling it out and working with it. What makes me feel great is that I now have worn this necklace at least three different ways and I think that’s a good standard to go for. Whatever you buy, can you wear it three ways? In times like these, it feels extravagant to purchase something that can only be worn one way — unless it’s a wedding dress!

Yesterday I took some quick shots with my iPhone camera, hence the graininess, but I wanted to share this idea with you in pictures. Here goes!

In the first picture, my layered shirts were worn with skinny legged dark wash blue jeans and cute heeled sandals.

Worn the second way, it’s more dressed up with this black patent belted blue satin jacket with the shirt contrast, worn with black dressy pants and suede dressy flats.

Worn the third way, the necklace is paired with a t-shirt and a print skirt on these last days of summer. Great for the wine country.

The necklace is such a unique piece that I want to keep everything else rather simple so the Gray Beauty Bundle below adds enough but doesn’t distract from the unusual necklace.

It consists of two pearl bracelets worn on the same wrist as the 4 silver bangles with dainty flower detail. The ring is black with lots of sparkle material that reads a soft gray. The purse is a handled small bag in a shiny charcoal leather. The watch is black faced with stainless steel band. The Beauty Bundle can work with all three outfits. Now, because I can wear it 3 to 12 ways (most likely!), I certainly feel confident about my purchase.

What do you wear three ways?

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    Karen Finlayson
    September 19, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    You’re so right Brenda – I’m going through a “all shades of grey” phase but my great accessories take boring into Bling! Bling!

  • Reply
    October 10, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    I love layering with my double strand turquoise necklace. I have a Silpada necklace that has a turquoise center stone that looks great for a more casual dress. I also wear them with a double strand swarovski crystal necklace that looks great with more dressy outfits. Of course, the turquoise necklace really doesn’t have to have anything additional to make a statement.

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