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Hair Advice: When Hat Hair is What You Want

Hair Advice

Give me some of that hat hair please!

So here’s the problem. Since my last haircut my cowlicks have really been acting up. Hair pokes out and a comb-through doesn’t change a thing. They’re stubborn, those cowlicks are.

Some cowlicks are cute. These aren’t.

My routine for taming them has been to heat and blow them into submission once I’m done putting on my  makeup in the morning. I get a clean wash cloth, soak it with hot water then rub the cowlick area in all directions. Then I pull out the hair dryer and a brush. While applying more heat from the hair dryer, I use the brush to move the hair from side to side, forward and backward to break up the pattern. It just takes a few minutes to tame the ‘licks.

But this particular morning, I really didn’t have those few minutes. I needed a Plan B.

It came to me. I remembered a conversation I had last winter with Elia, my hair stylist, when I confessed to wearing a stocking cap at night to keep my head warm. She said she’d never heard of that. When I explained how I like to keep the window open in the bedroom no matter how cold it is outside, it seemed easier for her to imagine. She told me she wore stocking caps when she wanted to keep her hair flattened.

And there was the answer! I went to my hat and glove box and pulled out a wool stocking cap my sister-in-law Wendy made for me. I put water on a comb and tried to get the spiky hairs to go in the right direction. Then I pulled the cap tight on my head. I flipped the ends up that were by my ears to make it tighter and flatter on my head. Then I kissed Russ goodbye and got into the car and drove forty minutes to my client. I hoped forty minutes would be enough time.

I met Erin, my daughter and assistant, a few minutes from my client’s house. I took my hat off and asked her to be my cowlick inspector. She couldn’t see any. Success! Cowlicks were gone!

I was secretly thanking Wendy, my sister-in-law, for helping me solve my hair problem that day supplying me with one of her knitted hats. She lives in Minnesota and wears short sleeves in January. She knits wool hats and scarves for everyone else in the family…because we’re normal. We layer up when it gets cold. I couldn’t wait to call her on the way home that day.

“Hey Wendy!” I said, “I was wearing your stocking cap today and it’s not even December!” I told her about my new hair taming device. She got a good laugh.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that one day I’ll forget to take the hat off. I’ll get to my client’s house and she’ll open the door, look at my head with a rolled tight cap on the top of it, totally unrelated to my outfit, and she’ll point and laugh or get scared and close the door. I’ll call Wendy then, too. She’ll love it.


Buddha enjoys one of Wendy’s knitted hats

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