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check-listIt is the day before Thanksgiving. Some of you are traveling to destinations and I hope you manage to do that with ease. And if you’re the one entertaining guests, I hope your feet are happy by the end of the evening. (Consider flats.)

A few quick tips in case you have a moment to read a blog post before you tackle your final to-do list:

1. Pick out your outfit and try it on as soon as you can. You could be up to your elbows in stuffing the turkey, arranging the table, pulling out serving dishes and leave yourself no time to figure out how to look gracious before the door bell rings. Having the outfit details handled will free your precious mind.

2. If in doubt about your outfit, anything sparkly is A-okay. We tend to dress up in our house because of the influence of our Swedish friends who grace our home every year all the way from Stockholm. I have a pair of go-to earrings that have lots of twinkle to them. They’re perfect for this kind of event. Remember, while at the table, everyone sees you from the bust up. Make that part extra special. (I know you will!)

3. If you’re bringing something to someone’s house — like flowers — be sure they’re already arranged in a vase. They may end up sitting around wrapped in paper if the host or hostess is busy with other things. And they will be!

4. Fresh air is an awesome thing. Somewhere between now and Black Friday, a walk will do wonders for calming a busy mind.

5. Give yourself a hug from me! Know that you are appreciated and loved…by more people than you even realize. Be safe!

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