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Holiday Fashion Tips: Add pizazz to your holiday outfit

Some holiday get togethers are casual affairs over lunch or are family gatherings where little children will be running around. You might not want to be wearing your most delicate holiday frocks. But you still want to look like you made an effort to honor the holiday season. So here are some tips for dressing up a little bit.


Holiday Fashion Tip: Make your feet holiday perfect


Now that jeans have crossed lines no one ever thought they would—from casual to couture—you can pull on a pair and wear them as evening wear. Add shine, sparkle or luxury to your holiday steps. Look for flats or heels in shiny finishes, metallics, deep gorgeous colors in patent, or leopard print. These will look great any month of the year but in this month, they’ll make a casual outfit look oh-so-special.

Go for heels if they’re comfortable for you. Of course, the higher the better as the extra height makes your legs look miles long. But be sure your jeans are long enough. If you wear jeans with flats as well as heels, buy two pair of the same jean and hem them for the two heel heights. You can’t fudge the difference and wear one pant length with both heel heights. It doesn’t work.

shoe solutions

Walk your holiday talk


Holiday Fashion Tip: A wrap will do it


You’re looking through your closet and just can’t find something that stands out as a party outfit. An easy solution is to buy a shawl or wrap that looks luxurious and special-occasion. This must-have holiday piece can give any outfit a “bring on the eggnog, I’m ready for Santa” attitude. Throw it over your simple black dress or add it to your jeans and bold pumps ensemble. It’s a quick way to get a casual dressy look.



Attractive wraps

Holiday Fashion Tip: Keep it simple


We enjoy simple things around the holidays and if you’re looking for simplicity, you’ll find elegance. Simple lines, simple cuts can all be a part of your Zen party outfit. Wearing a column of color while mixing textures is a fashion trick that goes way back. Think white, black, deep navy or deep forest green. Wear one color but mix up the textures and materials. How about suede, leather, silk, fur, or lace? But to keep this one-color dressing from looking too staid, all you need to add (while not disturbing the elegance) is a contrasting clutch handbag. Find a handbag in a ruby red, bronze, gold, white, or leopard. Or look for a bag in satin, decorated in beads, or in a deep paisley print.


Clutch your clutch


By adding a special shoe, wrap or clutch to your casual outfit, you’ll feel “dressed” but still relaxed and ready to sip those beautiful holiday cocktails!


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