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Holiday Fashion Tips: Look Thin This Season

In our house we always know the holidays are upon us when a package arrives in the mail marked “Perishables” and the return address is Fergus Falls, Minnesota, the home of my brother and sister-in-law Wendy. Inside that box are sealed Tupperware containers with red lids nestled in crumbled up newspapers. The containers hold caramels, peanut butter cups, and peanut brittle—all homemade and insanely delicious.

The days between now and New Year’s are marked by caloric insanity. Oh you could counter the effects by upping your exercise program between your trips to the mall, wrapping gifts, putting out holiday decorations – all consuming activities but not aerobic. Those extra reps and steps may get lost in all the bustle. What’s a waistline to do? You can look thin over the holidays with a few strategic tricks.


Holiday Fashion Tip: Put the focus on your assets

(Sure to fake out fruitcake nibbles.)  


The easiest fake out of all is to direct attention to your assets. Do something special with your most beautiful features. Great hair? Have it styled with a fresh cut that flatters your face. Schedule that blow out!

Have great hands and fingers? Show them off with the latest in cocktail rings and a fresh manicure.

Great legs? Wear some fancy pants or wear a skirt and decorate those legs with a great textured pantyhose.


Wear something to show off your gams.

Wear something to show off your gams.


No one’s going to see the addition of a pound or two when you keep the spotlight shining on your best assets. Go ahead, choose a couple. Is it your waistline? Your arms? Now what clothing item, color or texture will put the focus there? If you want people focused on your bustline, not your thighs, choose a colorful, shapely top to wear with a basic black pant.


highlighting the waistline

Go ahead, show it off!


If you’re still stuck on this one and you’ve chosen your favorite assets but don’t know how to highlight them, look through magazines or just people watch and be on the lookout for examples of things that work. The next person that crosses the street may be wearing the solution you’re looking for.

Stay tuned for more slimming tricks tomorrow!

(P.S. This tip is a great one to use twelve months out of the year!)


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