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Holiday Fashion Tips: Over-the-top dressing for the festive season

It’s December 1st. You’ve got time. Time for what? Time to get a drop-dead gorgeous outfit together to wear to a holiday event; time to schedule a blow-out and a makeup session for a special party. Don’t have as many events as usual? Well, that’s true for a lot of people. Things have gotten more universally causal (much to the dismay of many). But if you have any inclination to go all out and dress in a spectacular way, this is the season. You don’t need to provide a single explanation: It’s the holidays!

Why not succumb to the glitz? Life’s serious much of the time! You can go back to worrying about the state of the nation/world/economy/fill-in-the blank once you’ve put away the sequins. Just for now, imagine fun and frivolity, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, beaded dresses and sequined pants. Rock the party house in tempting holiday looks.


Holiday Fashion Tip: Let your dress say it all


If your dress has a lot of personality to it (lots of things going on) don’t clutter it up with too much more. Add a pair of long over the elbow gloves and keep the earrings on the simpler side. Don’t upstage your own dress.




party dresses

Go for the holiday gusto


Holiday Fashion Tip: Attend to all the details


Glamour is all about the details and connecting the dots from head-to-toe. If you’re buying something off the rack to wear to a holiday party, it’s pretty easy. A clothing line is created with the idea that you can wear the pieces in several combinations. You’ll find the slinky skirts with the sequined tops on a T-stand and just at the right of those will be the satin or velvet coat meant to go with it. You’ll need to travel to another department to find the stockings and shoes.

Don’t leave the store until you know you’ve covered every detail. An Affair to Remember starring Deborah Kerr is a must-see movie for attention-to-detail inspiration. Every night and every day of the cruise where she meets Cary Grant, she is in a head-to-toe ensemble. Breathtaking! Sublime! Fantastic! Every night is a new creation. There’s no mixing and matching on that cruise. Let Deborah be your style muse.


Holiday Fashion Tip: Bring out the bling and say “yes” to being pampered


Get the key to your in-home safe and pull out the good jewelry. A dazzling necklace will make a room dance when the sparkles play with the candlelight. If you’re going with a green emerald necklace outlined in diamonds (costume jewelry is okay, you don’t have to skip out on a mortgage payment to dress for a party) add a cocktail ring and possibly a clutch that also has that bling quality. Make sure your key jewelry pieces and the handbag look like they’re related. They don’t have to match but they do have to relate.

Determine whether your bling is more effective with your hair down or up. Better yet, schedule a blow out. You’ll feel so pampered and a professional blow out usually will last a good week (if you’re someone who doesn’t insist on washing your hair daily, which by the way, isn’t a great idea anyway).

And go for the full makeup too. A dab of lip gloss won’t be enough to support the wattage of your accessories so go for a full polished makeup look. Make a bolder statement somewhere – your lips, your eyes, your cheeks, but not all of them. Choose one. A smoky, lined eye will look right with a subtle mouth color. If this is a big deal party, call someone to come in and do your makeup for you. Often, you can go to the makeup counters at the big department stores and ask them who makes house calls. Many of them do private makeup applications on the side and can help you with your look the day of the party.

More holiday tips are coming your way. Stay tuned!!


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