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How soon can you wear that?

Brenda's fascinator

Brenda and Caitlin wear fascinators

Yesterday Caitlin and I played hooky from Office Tuesday (she’s the boss of me on Tuesdays when we do all that office/finance/admin stuff) and joined colleagues we know through the Association of Image Consultants International, the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. They had planned a day of shopping and dining in St. Helena which is just one wine country county over from the one I live in. St. Helena is one of my favorite towns and colleagues are some of my favorite people and Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen is a favorite restaurant so who could possibly say no?

After lunch came shopping. While I recently made a big shoe purchase when I was visiting NYC, I wanted to hold on to my wallet and almost didn’t go into Amelia Claire on 1230 Main Street. They have great bags, shoes and boots and hats. “It doesn’t cost a thing to look,” my friend Marj said.

Of course, everything was tempting. And when I spotted the fascinators, my resolve slipped. This black one I’m wearing has fabulous detail. It has a large satin flower on the front and definitely gives me height, right? And Caitlin looked adorable in the ivory and black one (and about five others!).

The price was very reasonable but the big question was, Where will I wear this?

With every outfit I style for my clients, my question is, Where can you wear this? We discuss the possibilities and then I write notes on their Wardrobe Chart to remind them of the occasion. I want them to be able to wear their beautiful outfits AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

So here was one answer from my buddies in the shoe store: At a tea party with a hat theme.

Okay, one of those is coming up in December but that’s not enough.

“Holiday parties” was another suggestion. Well, okay, there’s an opportunity or two.

I couldn’t walk away so I purchased it but with determination to wear it sooner than December.

And then the big idea hit! Only 12 hours later! I’ll wear it today!

I’m seeing a client this morning. We helped her get dressed for her daughter’s wedding which happened in July in St. Helena, actually. And we ordered a fascinator from etsy.com which came from England and was PERFECT for the outfit she wore to the wedding. We had so much fun styling that outfit and  the one she planned to wear to the reception which had its own fascinator.

Oh dear, do you all know what fascinators are? If you watched the Royal Wedding with Kate and William you saw that everyone wore a little-to-big something on their heads. They either had full blown hats on or smaller artistic concoctions called fascinators.

So guess who is wearing a fascinator today, less than 24 hours from date of purchase? Yes, I am! My client will be amused and delighted by it and I’ll be happy having found a way to wear a new purchase immediately. I’ll let you know how it goes on the Tips & Teasers Facebook page.

While fascinators may not be in your immediate future, when you put together a great outfit I challenge you to ask yourself how soon you can wear it. We have lots of clothes in our closets but they need to come out and play a part in our lives — the sooner the better. You’ll feel more satisfied about having purchased them if you actually wear them! That my friends, is the moral of this story!

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  • Reply
    Paula DeGrand
    November 27, 2013 at 4:38 am

    What a marvelous question, and I’m going to ask myself that frequently now. I just finished sewing a gorgeous jacket I had been meaning to make for over a decade. It is every bit as beautiful as I had dreamed it would be–and yet, I run the risk of letting it hang in my closet. I must not condemn this piece to such a fate. You just got me to decide to wear it to Thanksgiving dinner with friends for its maiden voyage. May that be the first of many wearings. Thanks, Brenda!

    • Reply
      Brenda Kinsel
      November 27, 2013 at 7:14 am

      I LOVE this, Paula! I can just see it on its maiden voyage. Enjoy, enjoy. And lucky you that it turned out as beautiful as you’d dreamed. That doesn’t always happen…or didn’t always happen for me. Thanks, Paula and Happy Thanksgiving!

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