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Is your tee shirt talking to me?

I found myself missing the old days when everyone wore tee shirts that declared something about themselves – their political persuasion, favorite band, sense of humor, personal interests. I love how they helped you realize whether or not someone was a member of your tribe or not. If they were wearing a tee shirt with something on it that you resonated with, you could make a comment and soon find yourself a new best friend!

This weekend was Father’s Day weekend and I spotted a couple of guys wearing tee shirts with writing on them. One guy had a tee shirt that said “Boston” across his chest. “You must be excited about those Bruins!” I offered. The Boston Bruins just won the Stanley Cup in hockey. You might have read about it. “Yup,” he responded.  I thought he might be a little more excited about it than that considering they haven’t won that title since 1972.

The next guy spotted with writing on his tee shirt was a gentleman whose faded shirt said “World’s greatest grandpa” on it. I said to him as he passed by, “You don’t look old enough to be a grandpa.”

He said, “Oh, but I am!”

I said, “No, I think you’re wearing someone else’s tee shirt.”

“Now you’re just flirting with me,” he said with a chuckle.

I was sitting at an outdoor table with Russ sipping lattes so it wasn’t exactly flirting but it was fun being accused of it nonetheless.

My parents are experts at starting up conversations with strangers. They do it everywhere they go. You’d think that would have rubbed off on me but I’m actually on the shy side. But I’ve decided to be more vocal. I’m going to make more comments on people’s clothes. “Hey, great color!” or “I love the shoes” or “You’re really stylin’” will be my opening lines. I’ll see what happens!

Have you commented on someone’s clothes and had it turn into a great connection? I’d love to hear about it!

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