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Labels–it’s the little things in life


Are you rushing around in the morning doing three things at once? Yup, me too! So when I face my makeup products I like to open the one I need in the order I’m applying it. I have three products by Laura Mercier: a marine blue cake eyeliner, a cheek color, and an eyeshadow crease color. The cases all look the same. So when I’m looking for the crease color I’m taking a guess at which one to open. Of course, I’m going to be using all three of them but I’d like to be able to identify them quickly.

I’m a file folder nut. I was trained years ago to use colored labels to identify key areas of my filing life: green is for finance, purple is for writing projects, coral is for clients, blue is for business, red is for my professional association, AICI. I love that quick visual key that helps me find just what I need and quickly.

So why has it taken me this long to color code those makeup cases? My marine blue cake eyeliner now has a blue label. My cheek color is labeled with the coral color. And the non-labeled one is “Cognac” for my eyes. Easy! It’s just a tiny little thing that makes that daily routine more pleasant!

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