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Lipstick mantras

I’m in love with my new lipstick! It’s by Chanel and the formula is Rouge Allure Velvet 40. It stays on amazingly long for not being a lip stain. I fell in love with the color when Elina, a beauty stylist at Nordstrom, applied it to my lips. Only after it garnered my approval did I ask, “What’s the name of this?” It’s La Sensuelle.

Lovely! The name of it could be my daily reminder to explore my sensuality!

I’m a sucker for lipstick names. Back when I was going through treatment for breast cancer I fell in love with a MAC shade. The name of it? Strength. How perfect! It was the mantra I needed at that time!

I don’t go anywhere without lipstick on. In the morning just before I leave the house to take my walk in nature, I choose a neutral shade. Also by MAC, it’s called (I kid you not!) TWIG!

My favorite spring shade was called Romantic. I’ll never say no to romance!

Does the name of your lipstick speak to you? Cheer you on? Remind you of one of your best personality traits? Do tell!

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