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Mantras for Daughters: Have a problem? Clean your closet!

Mantras for Daughters #5

Mantras for Daughters #5

Cleaning your closet sounds a bit like a mother’s demand to a tweener: Go clean your room!

Maybe that’s why some people have an aversion to it. They hear their mother’s voice in their heads and it sound like a demand.

I invite you to consider cleaning or editing your closet as a gentle meditation or maybe even cheap therapy.

I love fiddling around in my closet when:

1. It’s the weekend and creating order allows my mind to calm down after a hectic week.

2. A friend isn’t feeling well. It’s so easy for me to just worry. But making a change where a change is possible — like  pulling out things I don’t use or care about anymore and giving them away –quiets my worrisome nature and hope returns. After completing a small task in my closet I  find myself returning to sanity and thinking ‘She’ll be okay, I know she will.’

3. I need to remember to take care of myself in a loving way. If I open up my closet and see signs of neglect — clothes tossed on the floor because I was too tired to put them away or things that need cleaning, altering, or to be taken to the dry cleaner — there’s something I can do. I can care for my clothes. They take care of me, I need to take care of them so they can keep doing their excellent job of clothing me and expressing something about me. It’s a loving act. Everyone’s world could use more loving acts, right?

So if I feel stuck somewhere or have a problem that I can’t figure out how to solve, I need to leave that problem in the garage or out in the garden and come inside and tinker, create order, do something that creates ease in my closet. I just know the answer or peace of mind won’t be far behind.

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