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mature fashionista

Loving fashion in Sydney

I came across this photo I took of a woman in a cafe in Sydney, Australia a couple of years back. I was there teaching a course for image consultants. My students and I were taking a lunch break at a nearby restaurant on Day 3 of the training. As we were getting up to leave, I noticed this woman sitting along the wall. I interrupted her for a minute to tell her how much I loved her outfit.

She seemed truly unaware of how great she looked! We exchanged a few sentences and then I left.

When I look at this again, I feel like she enjoyed how that outfit and those accessories felt against her skin. While wearing a classic black and white color combination, she had on the best Beauty Bundle of accessories. I loved her Chanel cuff, her handsome watch, her drop earrings, woven scarf, and the patent leather headband with a bow that was pulling her hair back.

Her makeup is so fresh. Doesn’t she have the most beautiful lips? She’s just radiant! I longed to know more about her.

My daughter Erin and I were getting into an elevator recently to meet a client in her San Francisco flat. Erin waved her hand in front of me, outlining my torso and said, “I like this outfit.”

“Really?” I said.

“Yes, you should dress like that all the time,” she said.

“Like what?” I answered.

She said, “Like you’re dressing to be seen.”

The elevator door opened and we got to work in our client’s closet. Although we didn’t talk about it, I’ve certainly thought about what she said.

I think the way I can picture what she meant is by picturing the opposite: dressing to be invisible. I think there’s a lot of that going on. People get up in the morning and just don’t think about what they’re putting on. Anything will do. Or maybe they’re over 50 and they figure no one’s looking at them any more anyway so why bother?

That woman in Sydney gave it thought. Oh, she may have worn that outfit a bunch of times before…or at least that Beauty Bundle. So she trusted it was right even if she didn’t have to think about it much. But she was thoughtful. She was considering the eyes of other people that might be around her that day. She demonstrated self-respect. I know I noticed. I was around her for a brief few minutes and years later I still smile when I think about her.

Getting dressed to be seen is a loving act, for oneself and for others who will enjoy your creation. That thoughtfulness has the power to make someone’s day better.

Will you treat the world tomorrow and dress to be seen?

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