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Mid-summer closet checkup


We’re at about mid-summer and I’m getting nervous about what’s in your closet. Specifically, I’m nervous about what’s in your closet that you haven’t worn yet for summer!

Is it a pair of white jeans?
Maybe a maxi dress that you haven’t styled yet?
Have you worn your summer sandals — those new ones you got? Maybe they’re still in the box!
Have you worn that bangle that’s perfect with any summer outfit?
Please tell me you hemmed those linen pants and they’re ready to wear on Friday!

Take a look around that closet of yours. Go ahead, you could even pull out a few things that you know you shouldn’t or can’t wear anymore. I just did that myself! It was a white short-sleeved blouse that is just too skimpy. It put in its time, it’s been with me for years, but it’s time to let go. And when I do, it’s easier to see the things that I’ll be sorry I didn’t choose to wear if I’m looking in the same section of my closet on September 1st AND STILL HAVEN’T WORN IT!

End the summer with no regrets.

What can you pull out and wear today that you haven’t worn yet?

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    July 26, 2013 at 8:49 am

    I feel like you are channeling me. Earlier this week I was looking at my closet and thinking that I needed to schedule some time to go through it and play with some of the things I am not wearing (colored jeans) and wearing too much (several pairs of shoes) possibly to the exclusion of other items. Then I was wondering if it was too late in the summer to that. But it’s not! Thanks for the inspiration!

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      July 29, 2013 at 7:13 am

      So glad that inspired you! I have to do it myself. I’ve been at this halfway place before and realized I had been favoring some things to the exclusion of others! I need to bring out the white jeans and wear a thin black cotton top that still has the tags on it (where did our warm weather go???). Sometimes on the weekend, I make three new outfits (didn’t this weekend) for the upcoming week. That gives me time to poke around in my closet and notice what my patterns are and then adjust. I hope those colored jeans got a trip around town this weekend, Sallie!

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