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More “chill” ideas for December

In December’s Tips & Teasers, I gave you 7 Ways to Treat Yourself Well During the Holidays.

I think we need more than 7 ideas, don’t you? So try these additional ones.

8. Go to your calendar right now and schedule 5 invigorating workouts between now and the end of the year. It’s good for the soul to sweat away the guilt of holiday indulgences.

9a. On the other hand, pull out that favorite sugar cookie recipe, get some food dye, and make those red and green snowflake cookies. Nothing like the smell of fresh cookies to get you in the holiday spirit.

9b. Share the spirit: share those cookies with your co-workers, neighbors, postman or postwoman, alterations person, your manicurist and hairstylist. You get the idea.

10. Have an important party to go to? Splurge and go to your hairstylist and let him or her give you that updo or blowout that will make you feel so confident when you make your grand entrance.

11. Pull out nostalgic jewelry, handbags or maybe even fur pieces that have been handed down to you by loving relatives. It’s wonderful to keep their memories in the holiday mix and you’ll look and feel great too.

12. Pick a one-word mantra and start using it when you feel stressed out while spending 10 minutes in an idling car waiting for an available parking place. How about this fine list of possible words:

  • peace
  • prosperity
  • grace
  • simplicity
  • resilience
  • beauty
  • delight

I recently heard a brain expert/author explain how focusing on a word actually makes us take on that quality. So maybe mother was right: choose your words wisely!

Let’s keep the list going! What are your “chill” ideas for December … or any-old-time? I welcome your comments!

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