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In my May Tips & Teasers newsletter I gave my best tips for shopping at bargain stores like TJ Maxx, Ross Dress for Less, Marshall’s, etc.

A client of mine got inspired and the following is an email she sent me. I thought she made some great points so I asked her if I could share it with you.

Aileen says YES! Here’s what she wrote:

I have a special occasion wedding in Maryland next week and didn’t really want to buy a new outfit for the events, but decided after reading your Tips & Teasers newsletter to give the Nordstrom Rack and new TJ Maxx in San Rafael a whirl. I found a skirt – no top – lots of things that would never fit me and mostly I learned a few lessons (I hate shopping these places but here goes:)

1.) bring water – stores heat you to the point of delirium – you’ll buy anything

2.) start at the handbag counter first and instead of putting that handbag you think you like in the cart, carry it on your arm while you
are shopping.  I did this at Nordstrom Rack last week – LOVED the handbag, but while I was shopping it got heavier and heavier, and after
perusing the store, I knew that purse was not for me – put it back – no regrets.

3.) Now that you have a few items in hand, are you willing to wait in line with 14 other folks in front of you, knowing you will be in heavy traffic or late for an appointment if you wait?  If the answer is no, you’ll most likely put the items down, walk away, and never go back for them or think about them.

So lovely you, we need to schedule an appointment!  Please let me know some dates/times that works for you so I can get on your dance card.

The morale of the story? All shopping is not equal. Bargain shopping is not for everyone. Bring water. Hire a professional shopper as needed.

How about you? Are you a bargain shopper? A successful one? Do share!

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