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Necklace Echos Neckline


We’ve been talking about accessories on the Tips & Teasers Facebook page and I immediately thought of Jo. I met Jo at the Association of Image Consultants International conference in Glendale, Arizona in May.

I saw her, her necklace, and had to ask if I could take her photo.

I LOVED how her necklace echoed the neckline of her top. I find this repetition of line is a great way to get the attention right up to the face in lightening speed. And it’s artistically so pleasing!

Jo and I ran into each other a lot at conference and she wore everything with a radiant smile (the best accessory, wouldnt you say?).

Jo Shiers is The Style Adviser from Brighton, Australia. She’s committed to working with women over 40 in the work force as well as moms who have lost their way. She just loves the transformation of her clients and how they come into their confidence. You can check her out at www.thestyleadviser.com.au

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