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Necklaces: the third piece

Necklaces on display


While I was in New York City I went to visit my friend Nicole’s place of work on the 27th floor of an office building on Broadway. I had the pleasure of meeting some of her co-workers. I couldn’t resist taking photos of these two women. What do they have in common? They’re both wearing button up collared shirts in blue and white classic prints: stripes in one case and polka dots in the other. They’ve both added strong statement necklaces to finish their outfits. I love how one woman wears her shirt buttoned to the top and the necklace rests on her shirt. The other opens the top buttons and nestles the necklace right against her skin. In both cases, the necklace was strong enough to act as the “third piece” of the outfit.

What do I mean by third piece? In the old days (maybe before your time) women wore suits to work: a skirt, blouse and jacket or a pant, shirt and jacket. Three pieces gave her a professional look. Now in our casual workplaces the jacket is often missing.

I find two pieces aren’t quite enough to create a professional look. But a strong necklace can act as that third piece and add polish to an outfit. In both these cases, the necklace finishes the outfit. Visually, I look at these women and they look like they got dressed that morning knowing they were going to work. Sometimes in places of business it doesn’t look like that! You’ve probably run into that yourself!

Has your work attire changed? Do you have necklaces that pull looks together for you? Please share!

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