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Never too old to love fashion

So I called my folks last night to check in on them. Mom was eager to talk about the upcoming Oscars. She can hardly wait!

“I’m so glad to see the changes women are making in their dresses! They’re wearing sleeves and showing more modesty! Even the Grammy’s were great. Brenda, didn’t you think the Grammy’s were great?”

I have a fashionista mother. At seventy-nine she’s got the patience to watch every minute of every award show. She instigates the analysis and I scramble to keep up.

Am I surprised? No, even though I grew up on a farm where the nearest town had 75 people in it, my mom loved to dress well. When I look at photographs of her when we were youngsters, I marvel at her style! Where did she go to buy those trendy looks? It’s not like rural North Dakota has a lot of outlets!

She’s definitely more daring than I ever was. So it does come as a surprise sometimes when I’m back in their home in Minnesota and we’re in her closet. “Really, Mom,” I’ll say. “You absolutely can wear these two colors together! Don’t believe that everything has to match!”

I guess that’s the message — never say never, always be willing to try something new.

My clients right now are eager to try on the bright colored jeans that are flooding the market. I LOVE it! I’ll have so much fun helping them create outfits using the fun red, orange, blue, and purple bottoms. The fashion spirit lives in us all at whatever age we are. Yahoo!

Can’t wait to have that conversation on Monday with Mom about who wore what best. Bring it on, Mom!

Mom’s not afraid to wear color

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