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Polka Dot Party

There was so much discussion about polka dots on our Facebook page, with an overwhelming majority of you saying you enjoy and wear this classic print.

It got the boot by authors of Wear This Now when they suggested “Anything with polka dots” be tossed right now. My polka dot handbag went with me to my Association of Image Consultants International conference a couple of weeks back and several people offered to give it a new home … in THEIR home! I took names and started a waiting list but I’m loving the joy this bag brings me every time I look at it!

I was also inspired by the blog Atlantic Pacific, above – I love the interplay of fitted and voluminous pieces she wears here! Dots can be big or small, printed on cotton, silk, linen or leather. They can be playful, youthful, classic or even eclectic depending on how they are paired. Over the weekend I saw a woman wearing a polka dot skirt with a checked shirt. Both pieces were in navy blue and white. We also spotted this woman using polka dots to put a new spin on a classic blazer. Love the printed clutch and the bold shoe as well!

My thought on the subject? It’s summer! Let’s play with dots! I see them all around me. Now I’d love to have you share your dots. Let’s have a polka dot party. I invite you to share pictures of you and your dots.

Here’s what I want you to do. Email me a picture of you and your dots (or just your dots if you’re shy) and add your full name, where you’re from, and how this particular item of polka dots makes you feel.  I’ll collect them, make a collage and post them on our Facebook page. Our dots will have their own parade, a Parade of Dots.

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