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Real Life: Loving what I see

Loving the drama

Loving the drama


Spotting beauty

I am enriched by beauty and I bet you are too. I love spotting beauty in real life.

And of course, beauty in fashion is always going to catch my eye. When I turned around in a bland conference room at a professional gathering and saw Adena, I can only guess at the swooning noises I must have started making.

Trust me, it was involuntary and couldn’t be helped.


Reflecting on the impact it made on me

She was wearing this necklace that would easily qualify as a statement necklace because of the scale of it.

But the thing I loved most about it is that even though it is quite grand, it’s not shouting. Adena is still the star of the show.

Her asymmetrical red tunic and her shimmery black leather jacket would be strong pieces for anybody to wear in normal life. But this necklace brings a femininity to her outfit and brings a unity to the strong color and the shiny leather. They all hang out together in perfect harmony.

Adena is tall and willowy. I like how the pieces in this necklace have length to them. I suspect it would be tougher to wear for a shorter, more compact person.

If she invited me over to her house for a slumber party, I think I’d have to ask her if I could try it on. That’s probably when I’d understand why it’s so perfect for her!


The bust up

You know how I often talk about being sure you’re put together from the bust up?

It’s because often we’re only seeing people from the bust up.

If we’re having dinner with someone, we see them from the bust up. If we’re sitting in a meeting together, we’re seeing them from the bust up.

This is an amazing “bust up” image. All the action that’s happening around her neck is bringing radiance up to her face.

(Adena, I covet thy necklace.)


Getting Adena’s take on it

Next I had to ask her a few questions about how she came to be wearing it.


Brenda: Why do you love this necklace?


Adena: To me it’s a perfect combination of drama and elegance. It’s by Alexis Bittar, one of my favorite jewelry designers.
Brenda: How do you wear it?
Adena: I usually wear it with solid colors only – like the red in this picture, and often with black. I will also wear it with a white tee and jeans for a ‘dressy casual’ look.
Brenda: Why did it speak to you and what did it say when it did speak?
Adena: The silver and crystals and bold size really spoke to me. And it said “I’m yours and you’re mine – a match made in heaven!”


Indeed! I have to agree!



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