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Relief from irritating rubs

It always happens at the worst time. You go on a trip and you’re wearing your super cute summer sandals and they seemed comfortable at home but now you’re giving them the real test. After sixty minutes you start to feel a rub — on the baby toe, at the base of the big toe, or maybe on your heel. Comfort turns to discomfort quickly when you’re walking on cobblestones or just down long corridors in conference rooms.

I found a solution last week when I picked up a box of Dr. Scholl’s Blister Treatment adhesive bandages. I call them bandages because that’s the easiest way to think of them. But what I love about these is that they are oval and wrap around any area of your toes or foot and they’re clear. I actually had one of those rubs that showed up after an hour or two and I put one of these on and was instantly relieved. My rub was near my baby toe and the bandage went over the toe but because it is clear, my hot pink toenail color showed through. You could barely tell anything was there.

I’m going to be wearing sandals a lot this week at my annual conference and I packed a few of them in my suitcase — just in case. I want to look cute in my sandals but I want to feel great at the same time.

Tell me what you do for your precious feet! Do you have some solutions we should all know about? Please share!


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