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Fashion Show on Mother's Day

Fashion Show on Mother’s Day, Easter in Afghanistan


It’s Saturday morning and I’m feeling pretty proud of my family because of a little somethin’ special we did last Sunday night to support a team in need. My daughter Caitlin suggested it when the Mother’s Day dinner conversation turned to the Warriors. She shook her head and said, “We need to have a prayer circle for them!” Amen!

But first things first. There was the dessert course to enjoy–Caitlin’s homemade pie, voted the very best ever. It was peach rhubarb. How does she come up with these combinations? It was divine!

Then we had to have Fashion Show. Caitlin had several pieces of newly purchased clothing items that she wanted to try on for us and vote to keep them or take them back. Usually this is done with just her sister Erin or me, but on this evening more voters showed up at the polls. There was the addition of her uncle Brent, Russ, and her brother Trevor.

With the added voters, the commentary got more lively with each clothing change. It wasn’t Keeping Up with the Kardashians but it was turning into a fun show. The boys had some quick quips. The voting even started to get a little competitive. Suddenly it was Project Runway. They voted yes on some things that the girls voted no on.

One of the tops in question seemed too long for her. I suggested maybe it would look better on me. Brent didn’t think so but the girls did. (I wore it to work on Thursday. It’s nice when Fashion Show comes with perks!)

The funniest moment came when Caitlin came out in a pair of pants that had already been rejected by all but now we were to assess the sweater. It was a challenge because the two pieces were pretty incongruent. It was hard to give the sweater a chance. The quippers got quiet until big brother said in a thoughtful way, “You know, it sort of looks like you’re dressed for Easter in Afghanistan.” The sweater got nixed but the words “Easter in Afghanistan” got some more play. Brent thought it sounded like a poem (of course, he’s a poet). Russ heard it as a movie title. Erin and I just thought it was funny as a fashion description!

What do we know? It could be the inspiration for a designer’s collection next spring!


Back to B-Ball

Getting back to Sunday night–before everyone left we had a rousing prayer circle to support our Bay Area sports team. We held hands and made a circle. It was part prayer, part cheerleading, and part silliness but added up to 100% heartfelt good wishes for our team. We raised the roof and then everyone went into the night and held their breath until Monday night’s game.

Our Golden State Warriors needed more than our prayer circle could supply, I feared.  They were in the Western Conference semi-finals with the Memphis Grizzlies. They’d played four games so far. They won the first two, easily, and then they lost the next two, hard. Very hard. Only three games left in the series. Oh, I’m talking about basketball, NBA basketball. Did you know that?

Are you wondering how a fashion blog got hijacked and is suddenly highlighting sports? Do you feel like you tuned into your favorite radio station–only this morning they have a whole new format, your radio host is gone and they’re playing a different genre of music altogether?

Well, don’t worry. This blog is all fashion all the time except when I take the liberty of sharing more personal details about family life and other interests like sports or my love of writers. See, this blog post is also about writers! You’ll see.


A sports writer said it best…

I was nervous about Monday night’s game five. To tell you the truth, both Russ and I were dragging our feet about turning on the game that night. If they lost, it was really going to hurt. The Warriors hadn’t won this series since 1975. They’d shown such promise all year but now they were facing the biggest adversity of their whole season.

On Wednesday Bruce Jenkins, one of my favorite sports writers for the San Francisco Chronicle, captured that scary feeling perfectly in his column. He did it with his opening line: “You can come out from behind the couch.”

That’s EXACTLY how it felt! I was reading Wednesday’s Sporting Green (the print version of the Chronicle’s sports section), and looked over at our couch. I absolutely saw it in my mind: both Russ and I crouched behind the butter cream leather couch pulling our faces up just enough so our eyes could peep at the TV screen, the sound off, seeing if the Warriors had come out with a plan to stop the Grizzlies. If they had, it would be safe to crawl out from behind the couch and slip into our comfortable green flecked upholstered chairs, turn the sound up and listen to the play-by-play, holding hands instead of wringing them.

Bruce Jenkin’s next line was: “The Warriors are once again a delightful spectacle with championship aspirations —and just in time.” Whew! That win meant they were going into Wednesday night’s game up three games to two.


on pins and needles

The family that prays together texts together


Next came Wednesday night’s game. I wasn’t as fearful. It was looking good! I texted Caitlin.


Then came Wednesday

Then came Wednesday



Spoiler Alert!

Then came last night’s game. The Warriors won!

They finished the series off in Memphis. I was happy for my boys, but I felt a little sad for Memphis. They lost the series last night and they lost B.B. King, the blues legend, the night before, at the age of eighty-nine. The Grizzlies started the game with a moment of silence that wasn’t silence. It was his music which famously came alive in Memphis decades before.  It would have been nice to win one for B.B. King and go on to play Game 7. But because the Warriors won last night, they don’t have to play on Sunday. That means our guys get to rest up for Tuesday night’s Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. You know where I’ll be on Tuesday night!

My son, Trevor, a big fan of B.B. King, left me a message just before the game started. He was going to be with friends who were taping the game and watching it later. I’d know the winner  before he did so I didn’t text him during the game.

Which reminds me of the Walter Matthau movie from 1978, House Calls. Walter Matthau plays a single big shot doctor and Glenda Jackson plays his new girlfriend, more age appropriate and smarter than the other girls he’s been dating. She knows nothing about sports. If I’m remembering this correctly, she’s made dinner for him in his apartment but when he comes home from working late at the hospital, he wants to skip dinner and go to his bedroom, grab the remote and flip on the TV to watch the tape of that night’s much-anticipated basketball game, a game between rivals, maybe the Lakers and the Celtics.

As he’s getting comfortable in the dark with the glare of the TV screen reflecting on his face, she questions what he’s doing. He tells her he’s watching the game. (Duh!) She wonders why he’s doing that. She says something like, “What are you watching that game for? It’s over! It was on the news already. It went into double overtime and the Celtics won!” He’s crushed. He’s been waiting all day to watch this game.

It’s one of my all-time favorite movie scenes. If you’re a sports fan, you know EXACTLY how he feels and if you’re not a sports fan, you know EXACTLY how she feels! Of course, it’s a romantic comedy. After he gets over the loss of not watching the game, I think they do find something to do together, later … in the bedroom … in the dark.

And now it’s Saturday afternoon and I think I should be checking out the Turner Classic Movie schedule! Hope you’re having a great day!


How was your week? What are your favorite Saturday activities? Do you enjoy old movies or sports as well as fashion?


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    May 19, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Thanks for this! It was interesting to hear how you spend your time outside of fashion. It would be nice to have more posts like these.
    My kids and husband love spectator sports, we don’t have many sports franchises in our town, so we often end up watching more amateur sports that we find around the city by chance (a swim meet at the pool after our kids swimming lessons or a softball game going on as we walk by our community baseball field).

    • Reply
      May 19, 2015 at 4:41 pm

      Rebecca, that is so great that you mentioned amateur sports. I was thinking the other day about stopping in at the softball field on the weekend here in Sonoma and just sitting in the stands enjoying the game. I love walking in the hills above the field. I look down and see the action and the toddlers and the dogs running around. It’s so darn sweet! You’ve inspired me!

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