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So how did that travel packing work out for you, Brenda?

Okay, so last month I was traveling to Sydney, Australia. Remember?

And in the Tips & Teasers newsletter I showed you how I pack for a trip.

Remember this? It was step one: Collect potential outfits, try them on, see what makes the cut.

Then, step two was to put plastic wrap (recycled drycleaning bag) over the whole outfit for protection.

Remember, all parts of the outfit are on the hanger.

Then the suit, hanger and all, gets folded into the suitcase.

“And then what happened?” you may ask.

Well, I pulled out the suit, no wrinkles at all, slipped into it and wore it at the AICI conference in Sydney.

See those smiling faces? When you don’t have your clothes to worry about, you get to enjoy your friends effortlessly.

A good time was had by all.

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