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Spice colors reign in House Prints No. 2120


Spicy colors reign in No. 2120


I love the colors in this Sonoma house and always look forward to coming across it. I know when I’m close to it. I walk a little faster to see it off to my right side and then I slow down.

You don’t find many gates that look like this one! It’s Nature as art.

(Uh, is that an oxymoron? Nature is art!)

You’re just getting a view of the gate and the double garage, not the house and the woodsy bench that sits right outside the house which is painted a shade that looks like tumeric. So spicy.

The garage doors are metal and purposefully rusted. They take on the color of another spice, cinnamon. I love the mix of wood, stucco, and metal all living together naturally in these warm tones. Even the leaves on the tree that offers shade over the gate are full of depth. No perky green leaves here. Instead, they’re deep, like eggplant.

The brightest color in this palette is the buttery colored driveway made up of loose stones.

I have ginger-haired friends who could wear these colors so well! Marj, Ginger, Coralie, Randi…you know who you are!

That weathered gate makes for a great altar for pausing to offer a prayer of thanks for the wonders of Nature. It’s not the Grand Canyon, but the colors and textures remind me of how spectacular Nature is. It makes me appreciate how I am but a mere spec in this wonderful place called Earth and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here!


House Print No. 2120 and the person who wears it

I didn’t quite get a “print” match for the color combo of this house, but I feel like the texture in this copper/brown dress reflects the same natural mix of elements in the house. There’s not a lot of razzle dazzle in this house combo. It’s earthy and grounded. So is this dress.

The fabric looks like it’s woven to have a surface texture. You weavers out there probably know just what the fibers are! I can imagine sliding my hand across the fabric and feeling slubs of silk.

I’m thinking the woman wearing this dress is strong and capable. She’s a no muss, no fuss kind of gal. She hardly wears makeup. She’s not against it or anything. She’s just naturally beautiful and doesn’t need it.

She’s athletic but not in a wearing-yoga-clothes-all-day way. She’s active. She kayaks in the early morning in Richardson Bay. She rides horses at stables in Sonoma County up near Cotati. She rides her bike out to Tomales Bay. On the way she has coffee at Toby’s Barn in Point Reyes and then rides up the coast to Marshall where she stops at the Hog Island Oyster Company for some fresh oysters, cheese and bread. She’s easily home by six so she can go roller skating with friends at the Church of 8 Wheels in the Panhandle in San Francisco. That’s a normal weekend for her.

She’s very Zen about her own beauty. She could care less about being the center of attention. In fact, she may slip out of the party early and go home to read up on Kenya. She’s heading there next week.

You might wonder how a busy woman like this has time to go shopping. She doesn’t. That’s why she books regular appointments with a fashion consultant so she doesn’t have to give her clothes any thought at all. She’s happy to let someone else take care of that part of life. Can you imagine her slogging through a dress department? Right, she’d hate it. She’d rather be climbing a mountain or swimming to Alcatraz. She considers her relationship with her fashion consultant as one of the best things she does to take care of herself so she can enjoy life to the fullest.


Where she wears this

Our lady in House Print No. 2120 is a loyal friend. She shows up for her friends and their activities wherever they may be–from Giants baseball games to scuba diving trips to weddings at Sea Ranch.

And that’s where she’s wearing this dress. A friend of hers, going all the way back to grade school, is getting married at Sea Ranch out at the cliffs. The intimate dinner following the I-dos will be in the barn just yards away. She’ll fit right into the natural colors at Sea Ranch.

For those of you who have been there, you know how there are only shades of brown and sage green. Everything blends into the landscape and Northern California at this time (especially with the drought we’re in) is very brown.

People don’t go to Sea Ranch to have glitzy weddings. They are there because they are Nature lovers, low-key, and and love the elements. And that describes our woman in No. 2120.

She has other occasions coming up where she might choose to wear this dress. She’s thinking of wearing it to an upcoming cocktail reception after an award ceremony for a colleague of hers; a party in Austin, Texas this summer; and her college reunion at Brown University. John Krasinski, the actor from the TV hit, The Office, was a classmate of hers. She’s looking forward to hanging out with John’s wife, Emily Blunt. They’re texting buddies.


Where would you wear this? Is this a color you admire on others or wear yourself? Do tell!





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