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Still wearing white?

Okay, yesterday I was shopping with a client and at the register, both she and the salesperson asked me for my opinion on wearing white after Labor Day. Now, remember, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area which is different longitude and latitude than Los Angeles, Palm Beach and Dallas. (The further south you go, the more white you see.) Okay, so here’s my rule of thumb: It’s okay to wear white until the light changes. Yes, there’s a day, somewhere in September or so when you walk out the door and something feels different. It could still be warm outside but the sky doesn’t have that “summer” look anymore. There’s been a shift. Oh boy, this is harder to explain in writing than I thought! I need to talk to an astronomer who might be able to back me up on this.

Remember, I’m talking about bright white now. There’s a reason they talk about “winter white” and that’s because the edge is off. It’s a little softened, just like the light is in fall. A little softer. So follow Nature’s footsteps on this one. That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it!
Make sense?

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