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Storage Ideas: From Books to Boots


Bookshelves store books, right? Well, my nifty bookshelves have been storing my books in my office for years. They’d still be there I’m sure except for a tiny water problem that happened on Christmas Day. We’d had storms galore and it turns out the gutter thingy that runs along the outside my office got clogged with pine needles and one day I discovered dampness in the carpet. Yup, you guessed it: water had backed up and it was time to rent a professional sized dehumidifier.

I learned this about dehumidifiers: It’s not good to be in the same room when it’s doing its job because we are 85% water and they can suck the water out of you. That’s what the rental guy told me anyway.

So I pulled out the bookshelves (they still have this kind at the Container Store) and all the books and let the dehumidifier do its thing. With time on my hands and no office to work in, I culled through all my books and did a deep purge. When everything was dried up and it was time to put the bookshelves back I realized it was time to redesign the layout of my office. And in the new design, I didn’t have a need for the open bookshelves.




So with my books in a new storage situation, I had these bookshelves that were empty. Even though I’ve had them for twelve years, they don’t look shabby. I couldn’t throw them out. I had to find a new use for them.

And then it came to me! They are narrow enough to use in the back of my closet for storage. But storage for what?

I had an idea. I pulled out my boots and put the shelf against the back wall. And then I put my boots down to sleep in their little shelf beds.

I already have them stuffed with magazines to keep their shape but ever since I had my boots shined at the shoe shine place in the Denver airport, I’ve been heeding the shoe shiner’s suggestion of laying them down instead of standing them up. She claims it’s better for the boots this way.




Now everyone’s happy! I’m happy to have a “new” office space. I’m happy my bookshelves have a second life. And my boots seem awfully content in their new habitat, don’t they?

Is this something that might work for you?


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